Tell me about your visit to North Korea

Or that of your close friend/confidant/relative.

If you do, I’ll kiss you if we ever meet :slight_smile:

I was too young but my parents crossed the DMZ when we lived in South Korea. From what they said it was pretty freaky watching the guards watching eachother. The gist only consisted of crossing a line on the floor in a conference room.

Probably not what your looking for but it’s all I’ve got maybe some day I’ll get a chance.

I am going there this summer. I have been to the DMZ and stood on the north side, but it is not the same. Angry Lurker, you can go too if you like.

I am planning to go to the Ariang games so this is part of my research :wink:

There is a documentary program titled “Holidays in the Axis of Evil”. One show is centered around a trip to North Korea.

This is the only way to get in for most Americans. Other nationalities have an easier time about it. Once of the rules with most visits is that travelers do not write about their visit (it could jeopardize future visits for the visitor and the tour companies).

Ask one of these guys.