Tell me some wonderful words.

What are some words with remarkable or interesting patterns of letters?

abstemious - has the vowels a-e-i-o-u in alphabetical order. Abstemiously adds y, if you want to count it as a vowel.

indivisibilities - the letter I occurs 7 times in 16 letters, with the pattern i–i-i-i-i-i-i–

hijinks - has the sequence i j i, giving three of those little floating dots in a row.

bookkeeper - has three double letters in a row, oo-kk-ee.
Any others?

Likewise Beijing.

I would win at hangman with:


9 letters only one vowell

There are others, he said facetiously.

Four is the only counting number that describes how many letters it has.

Facetiously as well! ETA I love you ninjas!

Sequoia - shortest with all five vowels. Also four vowels in a row!

“Prime” has five letters, and 5 is a prime number.

“Even” has an even number of letters, and “odd” has an odd number of letters.

“Post office” has the most letters, by far. :slight_smile:

Except that n r s T are the four most common consonants so after the guesses A E I O U Y N R S T you’ll have

S T R E N _ T _ with 5 misses. I think you’d get it fairly easily

Queue has a vowel pair, repeated, which is kind of cool, and is pronounced the same as its first letter is.

Knightsbridge has a nice bundle of consonants.

Also, if you repeatedly take any number and replace it with the number of letters in its English name, you’ll always end up with 4. Twenty-seven -> eleven -> six -> three -> five -> four -> four -> etc.

syzygy - The only vowels are three 'y’s

queueing- Five vowels in a row.

Liquefy, liquefied, liquefying - all spelled correctly.

There are people who would include tre and cinco on that list.


Plural of cow, but has NONE of the same letters.

Regarding German compound words:

Twelve is the highest number that is a single syllable. Not remarkable I guess but I thought it was a cool factlet.

I used to find rhythm a good Hangman word.




So fun to say. So pleasing to the ear.

That looks right even though I might not spell them right the first time.

Aqueduct, on the other hand, once I noticed it, definitely seemed wrong even though it is also spelled correctly.

Gullible is spelt and pronounced exactly the same in all European languages

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