Tell me why I should try Windows 7.

A co-worker, who likes Vista, says Windows 7 is the best version of Windows yet. I don’t care for Vista and am skeptical.

If I like XP, why should I try Windows 7? Anyone with real experience?

I’ve tried Windows 7 and I liked it better than Vista that I tried and never bought. I have no idea why you should try it. Save the time and effort to install it by not installing it if you can’t think of a reason.

On the plus side, UAC is less annoying and the UI is rather more responsive. On the minus side, Windows 7 doesn’t work properly with Windows Home Server.

If you’re a casual user, let others try it out for you so you can make an informed decision when it is released.

My uncle likes everything Microsoft. My uncle likes Windows 7. You should try Windows 7 because my uncle likes it.

You should try it because it’s not Vista.

Because in a couple more years support for XP will end, so it’s either that or buy a Mac. And we all know what happens to people who buy Macs…

It is like Vista, but with all of the rough edges smoothed out. Honestly, I think it is the best release since Windows 2000. It appears to run faster, have fewer snags, and have better hardware support (than the original Vista release).

Here is a short list of some of the benefits I noticed:
[li]UAC nagging has been greatly reduced (as the default setting)[/li][li]Makes better use of available memory[/li][li]Better native support of newer hardware[/li][li]Faster, more helpful search than XP[/li][li]Task manager provides more information about performance[/li][li]Task bar is now more intuitive with the ability to pin applications and the addition of jump lists[/li][li]Aero interface in even glossier than with Vista[/li][li]Lots of improvements to Media Center, including native support of H.264 protocols (with support of hardware decoding), native support of QAM tuners, better HDTV support overall, better use of album art, better support for automatic download of movie information, and more.[/li][/ul]
I am sure that there are more complete lists on the web. My experience with the beta has been one of the easiest, most pain-free, and surprisingly enjoyable first looks of any OS I have installed. That is partly due to low expectations, but I believe it is mainly due to MS having made a solid product.

…they end up with experience of two platforms instead of just one? :smiley:

Obligatory XKCD link

If I can piggy back…

I know nothing about computers. I just do what they tell me.

So, what I’m about to say is coming directly from my butt.

I have Vista at home and on my laptop. I fear that if I upgrade them to 7 when it comes out, it won’t be as good as if I bought a computer that had an original install of 7. I fear that a computer upgraded to 7 from Vista will be slow and bloated (insert Windows joke here).

Can anyone fight my ignorance?

I thought it was still in Beta. I wouldn’t get it yet, just for that reason.

Among other things I believe it has much improved support for tablets including multi-touch. I have been thinking of jumping in and buying a tablet for a while and the release of Windows 7 seems a great time to do it.

Never installed Vista on my machines but my understanding is that its problems have been rather exaggerated. Most of the initial problems were because of a lack of driver support from third-party manufacturers and were gradually resolved. The hardware requirements were probably understated leading to frustration on the low-end machines of a couple of years ago but it works fine on most systems today. A bit of tweaking of the warning preferences is apparently also necessary. Other than that it appears a fairly solid OS.

That’s what usually happens. You would be better off downloading your personal data and wiping the hard drive for a fresh install. That would be true with any OS installation.

People often buy new computers because their old one becomes slow when all it really needs is a reinstall of the original software.