Tell me you don't want this desk

Really. Come on, you can NOT convince me you do not want this desk.
Can you?

But can it play Melancholy Baby?

The coolest desk I ever saw was one that looked like a model manor house on a table when you weren’t using it. But you could unfold it and turn it into a regular desk.

That’s made by IKEA, right? Seriously, one of the most fascinating pieces of furniture I’ve ever seen.


How does anyone get the guts to play with it like that? - the maker died in 1793, and that as got to be delicate.


I want it, yes, but I’d be afraid that I’d break it.

My word! I’d be giddy about one curved surprise drawer, or one hidden strong box OR “hey, my desk has a fold out easel”

That it has all those things and is beautifully ornamented makes me smile. I’m glad I clicked the link. If the same OP had been made by a stranger with a recent join date I’d have guessed spam.

That desk makes me want to be better at my job today.

Even the key is beautiful!

I’d lose stuff in there.

If it comes with the noise in the clip I’d destroy it with a sledgehammer in about the time I could stand watching that. Maybe 30 seconds.

No, thank you, it’d lose its novelty within a fortnight. I prefer practical furniture that does what it says on the tin.

If it came in tins.

I’ve often thought, as thousands of others have, of wanting secret passages in my dream home. And then I realise they’re no good if they don’t have a practical use, and as I’d be living alone, vegetating on my couch for most of every day, they’d be wasted on me, so it’s really a silly idea.

Yup- ‘Oh, drat, I think I left it in my desk… Um, I’ll just need an hour, 14 keys, the instruction book and possibly a caving torch.’

The James Bond of desks.

I picture myself just standing there, every day, staring at the desk and trying to remember which button opens the thing and then deciding “fuck this, I’ll use the kitchen table”. It’s gorgeous though!

My granny designed a really great desk. It looks beautiful and old, but actually it hides everything for her computer (The Machine, as she calls it). It’s so nifty and pretty that the company that made it for her asked if they could keep the drawings and she just went and said yes! :smack:

as long as I don’t have to dust it

I loved it, thanks for posting it. I have a roll top desk that has a secret compartment which I never use because I forget about it and think I lost it! So I stopped using it!

  1. “you know the Germans always make good stuff”

  2. While searching for the accurate wording of the quote above, I discovered that the recently deceased Karen Black had been in the ShamWow guy’s execrable Underground Comedy Movie :frowning:

  3. The Wikipedia biography for the cabinet’s maker, David Roentgen, has this quote from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica:

  1. Mee-ow, 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica!

this thread is deskusting.

Benjamin Gates wants it.

Can you imagine the do-it-yourself assembly instructions that would have to come with?! In at least three languages.