Tell me your dreams

I recently finished reading a book by Sidney Sheldon " Tell Me Your Dreams" or something like that. ( the book is upstairs and I have finally gotten around to asking this, and am too lazy to go upstairs to verify the exact title ) Anyway, it is about a woman with MPS ( multiple personality disorder ) etc.
I remember seeing a movie or show or something with the exact plot line a few years back with the same attacking of the lawyer and with the not so surprising twist at the end ( although the show surprised me, the book didnt cause I saw it before… The copyrite on the book was at least 2 years after I saw the thing on TV. But what I can remember about the show was so very similar to the book I have just recently read. ( I think the book came out in 98?)

My question is this, can anyone tell me if the show or movie I saw was based on the book before it was published as a novel? Or did Sheldon write a screen-play for a movie before the book came out? I know that he wrote many scripts for tv, and theater, so I can’t believe that he would “copy” someone else’s idea and publish a book based on that.

My husband says that there is so much stuff about crimes and MPD that the plots are all the same.

Any help from avid readers and tv/movie viewers? It’s driving me crazy trying to remember where and when exactly I saw the film. ( I do know that I saw it on tv–maybe video?

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You know, I was just having a discussion with myself about the exact same thing…

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