Tell me your experiences of giving up caffeine

I’m at home alone this weekend whilst the hubby is at a writer’s conference in London, so I’ve decided to take advantage of this time to myself to give up caffeine. I’m going cold turkey because I know I don’t have the discipline to just cut down.

So tell me your experiences of having given up caffeine, how you felt, what withdrawal effects you had, how you coped!

Headache. Or, more accurately, HEADACHE!!!

I coped by making a pot of coffee. Perhaps I’m not the right person to offer you advice.

I’ve done it a few times when I’ve done a january detox, and it’s really not that bad! The only major side effect I suffered was a mid afternoon dull headache that lasted for about 5 days - cured by headache pills, if you don’t mind taking them (I don’t believe in suffering for the sake of it). After that, I was fine.

For the record, I drink about 3 cups of strong black coffee a day. I don’t know how this measures up to your intake.

Yep, I figured I was going to be in headache valley for a few days, so I’ve suitably stocked up with medicinals of various strengths.

I’ve only ever tapered off due to the headaches, as meds didn’t seem to make a dent in the pain. Sorry.

Seems like a good time for FRESH PAAAAAHHHTTTS!

I had a brief dull headache for a couple of hours and that was it. All a bit of an anti-climax really. I have only “mostly” given up caffeine, I drink decaff tea all the time but I rarely have coffee so never bothered buying any decaff. The only other drink in the house with caffeine is diet coke which I don’t drink very often but I have had a lot of trouble finding the caffeine-free version.

I second this, headache. Whenever I give it up I get a major headache. Though I am currently down to cups a day.

I really suggest tapering off, rather than going cold turkey. I had horrendous headaches.

It’s possible to taper off by making the normal amount of coffee (if coffee is your preferred method of caffeine delivery), but using only 3/4 of the regular coffee on the first day, with the other 1/4 being decaf. Second day, either use half and half, or go three quarters regular and one quarter decaf again. Next step down is either half and half or one quarter regular to three quarters decaf, depending on what you’ve been using. Eventually, you get to using all decaf.

This way, you don’t get the headaches, and it doesn’t feel like you’re cutting down.

I was able to go cold turkey by getting the flu. Since the withdrawal consists mostly of headaches and (for me) fatigue, I didn’t even notice.

I do not recommend this method.

As others have reported, I get very bad Headaches when I give it up.

I have quit drinking coffee about 10 times so far. Quitting is very easy. Seriously, I wish you the best and hope your headaches aren’t too bad.

How long until the headaches kick in? It’s now 1.45pm and I’m feeling fine, I thought I’d be getting them by now?

I give up coffee every year for Lent. I know I’m supposed to get headaches, but I never do. I do wonder how non-caffeinated people can bear this constant haze their life must be.

Ah, Sunday I may drink coffee again, and resume normal speed.

My first two cups of coffee each day are regular, with remaining cups decaf (or part decaf). I live 60 miles from nearest big city and decaf is hard to find even there, so I buy several packages when I find it! (I can’t overdo caffeine because of IBS.)

I do not function without my first morning cup.

I remember a guy I knew many years ago more addicted than I. In the morning first thing he drank cold coffee from his bedside table left over from the night before; that gave him the energy to pour hot tap water into an instant coffee; finally he turned on his coffee maker!

I had to give up caffeine due to IBS and the fact that I’m prone to anxiety. Caffeine makes both of those things way worse. I can have a coke at noon and be wide awake and freaking out at midnight.

My addiction was to soda, not coffee. I’m not a ‘‘cold turkey’’ kind of person. The first thing I did was switch to non-caffeinated sodas, so at least I was still getting the sugar rush. Then I switched to Izze carbonated fruit drinks. Then I switched to plain old water.

Yes, the headaches for me were the worst part. But those only lasted a few days and then there really aren’t any other adverse effects.

I drink mostly water now. I occasionally will have tea, but no caffeine. (I do slip up from time to time, I’m not perfect. But 99% of the time I live caffeine-free.)

I was a mountain dew junkie, and switched to a black tea. (My favorite: Bigelow’s Plantation Mint - brew it and then ice it - yum!) Black tea still has some caffeine, but not nearly as much as the MD did. For me, it had a lot to do with cutting out the sugar, but cutting caffeine was part of the goal too. And it was several days of headaches - blinding, “it hurts to think” kind of headaches. I was downing ibuprofen then acetominophen (not at the same time) for the pain like mad and it barely made a dent in the pain. So I never made it to caffeine free, but I’m happy with my compromise.

Could you be getting it somewhere else?

I ask 'cause the first time I tried to give up coffee, I got the headaches and I found only Anacin seemed to help stop the headaches. Long story short, Anacin has caffeine in it :slight_smile:

Another person for headaches and later afternoon drowsiness for days.

Soda?! Has Michigan lingo been so thoroughly scrubbed from your brain already? :wink:

Yeh, caffeine and me; a love/hate thing. I love it, it hates me. Usually 2 cups of coffee in the AM. 2 or 3 pops throughout the day, and then I switch over to caffeine-free Pepsi if it’s after 6:00. I try and drink just plain ol’ water when under these conditions:

  1. I’m not working.

  2. I’m not eating anything.

Caffeine never used to have much effect on me when I was young, and my metabolism was that of a cheetah. But now, it’ll keep me awake all night if I drink it in the evening. It also makes my TMJ flare up, if I overdo it.

Going cold turkey = unbearable headaches. Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Tylenol can’t touch it. I’d need opiates or something. Since I don’t have any Vicodin, Percocet or Heroin handy… the best cure is… caffeine.