Tell me your experiences with arthroscopic hip surgery, please

I am having surgery on Tuesday to repair a labral tear and clean up a Femoroacetabular impingement. I’m a wee bit nervous.

I’ve asked my surgeon the questions I could think of, but everything I hear and read shows me that mileage varies a great bit—everything from recovery being long and drawn-out and horrible to one site which said many patients need little or no pain medication after the procedure. I do realize that any anecdotes I get are in no way predictive of what my recovery will be like, but I am curious to hear others’ experiences.

One more thing…I am having the procedure done at a freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Center, not in a hospital. Again, I’ve looked it up, seen the accreditations, etc, but something about that type of setup just screams Joe Bob’s Auto Glass and Hip Surgery to me. So, stories about surgery in an outpatient surgical suite are also welcome.

Well, not my hip but I had some work done on my knee, and while incapacitating it wasn’t all that painful overall - the first 24 there was still some after effect of something they shot into my knee, and overall drugginess post op. Second day was a bit ouchy, more when I moved than when I was still. I generally used large doses of motrin, though my brother with the same operation had used vicoden - women seem t have better chronic pain tolerance and men have better acute pain tolerance in my family. This was about 10 years ago, no idea if the operation has remained the same [arthroscopy] or if it pertains to a slightly different part of the body.

I am fairly interested, as I have FAI as well, and will probably be getting a scraping done at some point in the future myself.

My father (at 70 years old) had bilateral minimally invasive arthroscopic complete hip replacement. Yeah, that. So he had both hips done at the same time. And he’s really out of shape.

He was weight bearing the next day, for limited amounts of time…used a wheel chair in rehab for a while, then a walker, then nothing.
I think he was in a live-in facility for about a month.

Good luck.


Both good pieces of information. Thanks.

I know I’ll be on crutches for a couple of weeks, and will start hydrotherapy after one week.

I can’t really be too concerned about being in pain, I guess, since I’m already in major pain. At least this has a treatment plan.

One other comment - Dad is very happy he had the surgery. He had a lot of knee pain before hand also, and thought he’s end up with knee replacement surgery too. Since he had his hips done, his body is in better alignment, and his knees don’t bother him.