Tell us about your past lives

They don’t have to be real (how could they be? :slight_smile: ) but if they feel that way to you, or if you wish they felt that way, give us a sample of how things were back then.

I was previously a Confederate deserter in the Civil War and I stole some people’s horse and was hanged. No joy, that. But I wake up choking quite often and I feel that must be why.

I was a medieval peseant who did absolutely nothing special. How come everyone else was some sort of Viking Princess or some such?

Well, I wake up choking a lot but that’s apnea and is unrelated to the fact that in one previous life I was married to a guy named Joe who was responsible for the deaths of several million people and wasn’t too happy when I confronted him about it.

Then there was the life where I was in a book depository in Dallas, and to this day no one believes I did it.

When I was about six, I thoerized that the reason I had such a strange phobia about spiderwebs was because I had been a bug in a former life.

Still makes about as much sense as anything.

I was a short, balding shopkeeper named Herb. My wife left me for a traveling drygoods salesman. I was a lousy cook and died of food poisining.

Or not…