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No carbon?

If you leave it as “parts” the body is worth much, much more. Creepy but good:

See the correction at #2366.

So people can cite it correctly:

The chemical formula for the average mammal - not that any of us are merely average - is:

H375000000, O132000000, C85700000, N64300000, Ca1500000, P1020000, S206000, Na183000, K177000, Cl127000, Mg40000, Si38600, Fe2680, Zn2110, Cu76, I14, Mn13, F13, Cr7, Se4, Mo3, Co1.

I’m by no means a sports history aficionado, but I do live near Pittisburgh and grew up with a Pirates fan. Yet I’d never heard of the '71 Pirates “all-soul” lineup until a few days ago. The day the Pirates fielded the first all-Black and Latino lineup  |

Justine Johnstone was a Broadway and silent film actress from 1911 to 1926. When her husband (noted director Walter Wanger) fell ill, his doctor was so impressed with her that he recommended she take some science classes at Columbia University. She impressed her professor there as well, and was asked to join his research team, and was a co-author on the paper that introduced the modern IV drip. She became a pathologist and expert on syphilis, contributing to the discovery of a cure, as well as pioneering the study of endocrinology.

Around here, you occasionally see cars with a “GB” sticker in the rear window. A stupid affectation indicating that they’ve visited the UK.

Fact I just learned: It’s part of the European number plate system. There is no universal system for issuing number plates: instead, you are required to put the correct national identifier on your car if you aren’t wearing local number plates. For some reason, the “GB” identifier has just changed to “UK”.

Result of knowing this fact: it’s not a stupid affectation, it’s an entirely reasonable sticker, it’s just wrong. Cars wearing Australian Number plates in Australia shouldn’t be wearing a “GB” plate indicator.

Oftentimes they put them on the car to identify their place of origin. I think that is harmless.

Rose Marie (of Dick Van Dyke show fame) was like Shirley Temple years before Shirley ever came on the scene. One of her fans: Al Capone. Said if she ever needed anything etc. to let him know, and got her some gigs. He said to call him “Uncle Al.”

Worth a watch on Amazon Prime.

“You Bloody Fool!”

“The light poles from the Polo Grounds [New York - primarily a baseball stadium - in use in its last incarnation from 1911 to 1963] remain in use at Phoenix Municipal Stadium, Arizona State University’s baseball field in Phoenix, Arizona, built in 1964. When the stadium was built, Horace Stoneham, owner of the San Francisco Giants, had the original Polo Grounds light poles shipped there. The Giants held spring training at the stadium’s predecessor since 1947 and played at the new ballpark during spring training in 1964. The poles were installed in the stadium where they currently remain standing.” - Wikipedia

Was surprised to read about this, but sure enough:

But it turns out that the main hazard exists prior to rescue: a worker stuck in an upright position in a harness can eventually suffer fatal cerebral hypoxia if not rescued quickly enough.

There seems to be less evidence for the purported post-rescue hazard:

Your vehicle might ride on tires (run flats, airless) or tracks like a tank or…?

How about screws? Tori Belleci and Richard Hammond race their vehicles. Hey, he can go sideways?

What you really want, o’course, is this Soviet amphibious version.

Dude! That’s disgusting.

Pee in the shower, like a civilized person.


If I only peed once a day, that would (and does) work.

Australian astronomer and engineer Basil Borun had a stunning, award-winning cabin built for him at allows him to gaze at the stars from home. And he can do it all from his wheelchair.

Dissolve fatbergs? Fatberg - Wikipedia (Provided the thought of trying to use liquid alkali metals in a damp sewer doesn’t strike you as suicidally hazardous).

A long time ago they actually made thermometers with the eutectic mixture. It turned out however that the mixture was reactive enough to soften glass, meaning the thermometers lost accuracy from deformation.

That is a beautiful house, even if you’re not in a wheelchair or an astronomer.

Always Carry your Rhinoceros upside-down.

They’ll breathe easier.

In other news: if you fill an alligator’s mouth with helium and make it speak, it’ll sound funny.

My thought too, panache. It also is a perfect park shelter room where classes or small parties and weddings could be held. Really, really lovely.

Despite the well-known Australian sayings “stone the crows!” and “… as the crow flies” there are no true crows native to Australia. There are crow-like birds such as Australian ravens (all black), currawongs (mostly black with a little white) and magpies (about half black and white) but no crows as such.