Tell us an interesting random fact you stumbled across

On the subject of teams with musical nicknames, the Macon Whoopee existed for several seasons as a Central Hockey League minor-league franchise.

From 1928: 1928 George Olsen - Makin’ Whoopee! (Fran Frey, vocal) - YouTube

If Nashville does get a team, I hope they at least get John Fogerty to approve making a bat guitar for their mascot.

Crocodile stepping stone fun!

Not sure how well known this is, but… the Radio Times (BBC TV listings mag) suggests a Movie of the day each day, and does a little Did You Know? to go with each of their suggestions. For Live And Let Die they had this:

Did You Know?
It took six attempts before Roger Moore’s stuntman successfully ran across the backs of the crocs - he was paid $60 000 for the scene

Now come on, that has to be on YouTube, doesn’t it?

Sure is. This is the version with a little background. Crock hopping starts at ~ 2.40.


(Yes, I know there is some disagreement about the exact number of attempts. Also, Ross Kananga’s wiki seems to claim that one of those resulted in 193 stitches. Dubious,)

The letter x became the default character used to express unknown quantities in mathematics because the printer of Decartes’ La géometrié had more spare x’s than y’s or z’s.

I’d heard this previously and had imagined this to be potatoes from some northerly portion of Idaho. The 42nd parallel makes up the Idaho/Nevada border, so all Idaho potatoes qualify.

The ashes of Fredric J. Baur, the designer of the Pringles can, are buried in a Pringles can.

Which reminded me of:

Police stopped a random pedestrian while investigating a report of shots fired and found a man wanted for murder across the state line.

That seems a ridiculously high bond for someone who doesn’t sound particularly wealthy.

I assume it’s because he was found in another state, and so is a high flight risk.

ETA: nvm, the bond was already in place.


This reminds me of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. They accidentally crashed a helicopter while filming one scene, then decided to go ahead and work it into the plot:

I wonder why The Twilight Zone didn’t do that.

The Ford 4.6 V8 engine made in Romeo, Michigan USA had METRIC threads for the oil filter. The same 4.6 V8 engine made at the Windsor, Ontario Canada plant at the same time had STANDARD (USA) threads for the oil filter.

Both engines were available in pickups at the same time in the USA.

Because children died?

Yes. In the film, they blamed the crash on a Flying Killer Tomato.

Low-budget moviemaking at its finest.


"…On the year of his death (1996), a documentary was released on his life and included a startling segment where his “dead head” was removed from his body and cryogenically preserved per his wishes so that he might once again be earthbound and proselytize his outre designs for the world. The sculpted head used during the decapitation scene was so realistic that appalled viewers thought it was real.

Now this famous prop has come out of the freezer and put up at auction…"

NOTE: This blog is SFW, though the fake head itself is a bit graphic.

I saw the Metropolitan Opera’s recent performance of Salome, in which Salome makes love to the recently-decapitated head of John the Baptist. They did an amazingly detailed job on the head, and it was hard to believe it wasn’t real. Even in extreme close-ups.

And Jennifer Jason Leigh’s father. Vic Morrow was decapitated in that accident, as well.

Regarding aircraft crashes being written into the script, wasn’t there a Roger Corman film where a dental chair was knocked over accidentally during filming, and rather than reshoot, they changed the script to say that the scene ends with the chair falling over?

I may have some details wrong, or it’s apocryphal or something.

Vic Morrow was killed during the filming of Twilight Zone: The Movie by a different crashing helicopter.

True, but someone made a reference to the Twilight Zone, and someone else mentioned kids dying. It seemed a logical inference to make.

If the poster wasn’t referring to Twilight Zone: the Movie, then I’ll withdraw my comment.