Post an Interesting Fact!

They say you learn something new every day.

My interesting fact is: In China, all private citizens are forbidden from owning or selling firearms of any kind.

Take a 3 digit number, say 123, and repeat it so that it’s a six-digit number (123123). The resulting 6 digit number will be divisible by 7, 11, 13, 1001, and the original 3 digit number.

The smoke given off by burning frankincense has anti-depressant properties. However, in order to benefit from it, you pretty much have to be the priest swinging the censer.

Other things with anti-depressant properties:

  • direct sunlight
  • aromatic chemicals released by soil bacteria
  • gentle massage

Well I’m only posting this only-interesting-to-me fact as it happened today.

It is a spoilerizer of ‘Iron Man’ and ‘The Incredible Hulk’

And by hearing those two film names most of you film buffs will already know what is about to be black.

I got pile of films off a mate at work. I watched Iron Man. Enjoyed it. Watched some others. Enjoyed them. Watched the new Hulk film. Enjoyed that… and then was quite surprised when Stark (from Iron Man) turned up (In TIH) to speak to the general about something he was working on.

Interesting to me as I HAPPENED to see the two movies on the same day. Interesting in general because I am not aware of this having happened before (Two different films having one small reference to each other… such as a character from one turn up briefly in another… the films not being pre/sequal to one another either)


I also saw Death Race. OK movie (For an odd reason I’ve gone off Jason Stratham has an actor since he brushed past me in town and I thought two things: “What a shortass” and “What an angry shortass” (angry how like one of those little angry dogs might be angry for the fact they are so small) BUT

It has Natalie Martinez in it… Ohhhh lovely lovely!

All Polar Bears are left-handed.


In Afghanistan, the life expectancy at birth is:
total population: 44.21 years
male: 44.04 years
female: 44.39 years(source CIA World Factbook)

If I was Afghani, I’d have been dead 10 years ago…

There’s more hydrogen in a gallon of gasoline than a gallon of liquid hydrogen.

Many people have insects living on them. Mites are everywhere!

As a teenager, Benjamin Franklin decided eating foods derived from animals was immoral, and hence became a vegetarian. But then one day, while working the boat docks, he caught a whiff of aroma from fish being cooked on a grill. The fish smelled really yummy, and he decided to become an omnivore again.

I found it interesting that Humans have a seriously lot of bacteria working (for us) inside out bowels, and also that there are a LOT of bacteria and germs and things of similar size on just about everything… Yet I had a friend at college who, if I made him aware of things like this… might have become very very quickly and seriously in desperate need of institutionalization. You see he couldn’t drink out of anthing that wasn’t glass. Couldn’t eat anything that wasn’t prepared by himself (mostly tuna and bread). I think it was his naivety of just about how much the planet is OWNED by unseen things that kept him sane.

Even at standard pressure, a pure & perfectly made ice water bath does not have a temperature of ***exactly ***0 °C. The latest measurements suggest it is about 0.000089 °C.

That is the coolest thing I’ve learned all month. Is there a proof of this available somewhere? It works for several examples I’ve tried.

Let’s see… my contribution… I got nothin at the moment.

Unless otherwise posted, in Ohio (and quite a few other states) you can walk into a bank while openly carrying a loaded handgun. And you wouldn’t be breaking any laws.

I’m confused by this. Wouldn’t we expect the water to be frozen if it were exactly 0 °C? I always thought that 0 °C was defined as the temperature that water freezes at in ideal conditions.

Let’s see, let’s see…interesting fact…Monopoly was popular in Cuba until Castro took power. At that point, all of the sets were ordered to be burned.

I suck. I had to google “interesting fact” to come up with that.

The singular of ‘graffiti’ is ‘graffito’.

That math thing is neat, but repeating any 3-digit number effectively multiplies it by 1001. Since 1001 is divisible by 7, 11, and 13, it doesn’t need much of a proof.

40 below is the same in Celsius as it is in Fahrenheit.

If you grab a longhorn beetle in northern Minnesota, and hold it up to your ear, you can hear it screaming. Well, it sounds like a tiny scream, try it next time you are around.

Brad Johnson is the only professional quarterback ever to catch a touchdown pass from himself.

My brother in law is an idiot.

When you write the number out twice, you’re essentially multiplying it by 1001. 123 becomes 123000 + 123, or 1000(123) + 1(123). The other numbers listed (7, 11, and 13) are all factors of 1001.

Not exactly a formal proof, but it works for me.

DDT is still used extensively to combat malaria and other insect-borne diseases, especially in tropical areas.

It is illegal to use firearms to shoot traffic signs.

Whistles innocently

They’re making a Captain America movie and a couple others, and then they’re releasing an Avengers movie with all the actors from the new crop of Marvel movies, with the current releases being the “canon” of the new movie universe. It was just acknowledging the fact that these are INDEED in the same universe, and setting up the continuity for the Epic To Come™. It hasn’t happened before because, to my knowledge, because they’ve never tried to do such an immense tie in before.

My fact: Man visited Challenger Deep, the deepest part in the ocean, once in the… shot
101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan (with regards to Wendy’s family) are the only Disney movies to feature two parents and not have one that dies at some point in the movie.

Tapirs are capable of biting your arm off. Don’t piss them off.