Tell us an interesting random fact you stumbled across

When Henry Aaron retired, he was first among all major leaguers in career home runs, and in alphabetical order. He is currently second in both categories; to Barry Bonds and David Aardsma, respectively. Bonds and Aardsma played together for the Giants in 2004.

Wikipedia says it was the same crash, which is how I remember it.

“July 23, 1982, a Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopter crashed at Indian Dunes in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, during the making of Twilight Zone: The Movie. The crash killed three people on the ground and injured the six helicopter passengers. Those killed were actor Vic Morrow, child actor Myca Dinh Le and child actress Renee Shin-Yi Chen.”

My bad, he was wanted in a similarly-named county in the same state.

He and a partner shot four while robbing a liquor store; two of the victims died. Both guys have the same bond.

Nope, this was my mistake.

I still have the cassette :slight_smile:

“Hooters” is actually two different companies, Hooters of America, LLC, and The Original Hooters Group, both operating “Hooters” branded restaurants. As a customer you would never know the difference, but the former is what you will find if you just search “Hooters” even though they only operate 37% of all Hooters branded restaurants worldwide (they run 160 locations out of 307 in the US and roughly 430 globally). The two companies are related but independent and operate restaurants in specified territories to avoid competing with each other.