temperature increase

How can one calculate the temperature increase from compressing
a gas into half its space?

Combined Gas Law.

That allows you to calculate the temperature of the resulting gas provided you know the pressure. Which you don’t, unless you provide another constraint. There are two approximations often used: one is that the system is isothermal, so that any rise in heat escapes to the surrounding environment and the temperature remains constant. Another is the adiabatic approximation where there is no transfer of heat at all. The real world is usually somewhere in between - some heat is lost to the environment but not all. You can look up the adiabatic formula here:


Yeah, do what scr4 said.

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g = my shorthand for gamma

adiabatic transformation:

P1 * V1^g = P2 * V2^g

using the ideal gas law…

nRT1/V1 * V1^g = nRT2/V2 * V2^g


T1/V1 * V1^g = T2/V2 * V2^g

subtract exponents

T1 * V1^(g-1) = T2 * V2^(g-1)

assuming an ideal gas:

T1 * V1^2/3 = T2 * V2^2/3