Temporary Deaf In One Ear; Quick Remedy?

Ok, so I woke up this morning to find I’m partially deaf in my right ear. I can still hear out of it, though it’s annoying hearing mostly out of my now dominant left ear. To make matters worse, I have an Aerosmith concert in 6 hours. Firstly, why might my ear be clogged (or whatever is causing the hearing loss)? And two, is there any quick remedy? Thanks.


Go to a doctor, get it syringed.

Keep your fingers out of there.

Good luck ;j

Drop or two of hydrogen peroxide, lay on your side and listen to the bubbles. Glycerine works, you still have to flush though…

If it’s earwax, maybe the concert will loosen it up if it’s loud enough.

I’ve had this happen a few times, and have never had any luck with home remedies. I must have particularly stubborn earwax; they have to yank or hose it out. (Neither is as bad as it sounds. I promise.)

With what’s going on with Rush dare I say stop taking pain meds? Sorry, couldn’t resist. I agree…Sounds like earwax to me as well.

I’ve had this recently. What I did was wash my hands thoroughly, take a piece of paper towel (being mindful that it too is clean) and twist it up tightly, and gently insert it and jiggle it back and forth. Pouring a bit of warm sweet oil in first helps, as well. It should work, with patience. Anything potentially hazardous with this method, health experts/ enthusiasts?

Don’t use Q-Tips; this will impact the wax further.

Cecil on the subject of earwax & other aural obstructions.