Temporary Health Insurance

Has any had to use temp insurance? I am a student with out a job for about the next year and I do not have health insurance. I saw insurance in 30, 60, 90 and 180 day durations. It seems inexpensive- which is good for me. I am in good health and would feel a lot safer with some, any insurance. Is temp insurance a good deal or would it be better to get “regular” insurance until I graduate?

I had it in grad school. I referred to it as “hit by a bus” insurance–not good for much other than an emergency. Notice whether there’s a clause saying that anything treated prior to enrollment is an unreimbursable previous condition. Since this is not a continuous coverage plan, this means that every time you re-up, anything from the previous contract is “pre-existing.” Hence, get the 180 day plan for your best coverage.