temporary walls in home


We are moving my mom with us in our home. There are no bedrooms downstairs and she cannot walk upstairs. We have settled on converting a downstairs living room into a bedroom. Currently, the living room has two openings. One near the front door is a standard interior door width wide and the second is probably 15 foot. We need to close those two openings so that we can heat and cool her room to higher temperatures than the rest of the house.

We do not want to add permanent walls since this will affect the carpeting.

Initially, I found insulating door curtains which are used to cover a door or window for insulating against leaks. This is a relatively cheap and probably effective solution. However, I would prefer to install some sort of temporary wall almost like an office cubicle unit.

Any ideas? Has anyone else had to confront this sort of issue?

There are plenty of places (search on temporary walls for homes) that will install temporary walls for you or have DIY versions. Not sure how they will work on carpet but I’m sure they have solutions. It’s very popular in big cities like NYC where they need to add extra bedrooms.

They were common in New York City until a few years ago. People might rent a one-bedroom apartment and then wall off part of the living room or dining room to create a second bedroom. However, because the temporary walls sometimes block exit routes or ventilation or sprinkler systems, the buildings department started to ban them. Google “Manhattan temporary walls” or “pressurized walls” for some vendors. (Perhaps they’ll be more available elsewhere because they can’t be used in New York?)

I guess I just couldn’t figure out what to google. Temporary wall, who would have thought that?!!!

Perfect. Thanks, guys.