Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, I was onboard the USS Carl Vinson, attempting to listen to a radio feed of the World Series game when the Loma Prieta (sp?) earthquake struck. Quite an anxious time until the ship moored off of Pusan, South Korea, and we could all find out if our friends and family were safe.

Ten years ago , I was broke, unemployed ; had no degree & no future. I was considering something… foolish.

Now, I have a degree, a steady job & some hope of a future.

And no; I didn’t ‘find Jesus’. I finally found what I needed inside myself, where it was all along.

Attention C#3!The inside of your musty head is a exercise wheel;
in which two gerbils, Vanity and Credulity by
name, tussle fruitlessly over the walnut that
represents your banal & pointless existance.

Well, 16 years ago I was at computer camp learning BASIC on a Commodore VIC-20! We also used an Apple PC sometimes, for shits and giggles. Then we watched “The Wrath of Khan” on video disc. Woo-hoo!

Surprisingly, I turned out normal.

Ten years ago this week, I hosted the first weekly episode of Polycarp’s Brain Teasers,
an online trivia game.

I bring this up because (a) it’s a fun anniversary for me, but more because (b) the first game was won by a wise, witty, sardonic attorney from Connecticut who is now a regular poster to this board.

Let me acknowledge my oldest e-friend, JBENZ!!!

::::the crowd roars::::
And, ya know…he has never gotten over it. Even after I tossed him in the pool in Allentown. (Us PC-Linkers wuz real cutups before they made us into AOLers).

I had one of them Tandy 1000TX 286s with the 1200 bps modem too…came with the PC-Link software built right into the DrecksMate™. Played trivia for 30 hours a week at 6 bucks an hour…and that wuz back when a dollar was still worth half a buck. Somebody oughta start a “What’s the Dumbest Thing You Ever Did?” thread. (Joining the Air Force doesn’t count).

Oh yeah…back in those days Polycarp was universally known as “The Plastic Fish”. And I wuz a PCC (PC Consultant) in the DOS (remember DOS?) Forum.


Ah…those were the days. :slight_smile:

Lex Non Favet Delictorum Votis

Ten years ago I was in the midst of dreams of being a comics artist. Or a stage actor. Or a movie storyboard artist.

Hey, I’ve actually done those, now. Wow, that’s cool. Fulfilling my dreams, albeit in a minor way…


“Waheeey! ‘Duck!’ Get it?”
“Errr… No…”
“Duck! Sounds almost exactly like fu-”

Ten years ago, two days from now (Oct. 17) was the great Loma Prieta Quake here in Northern California. At this time then, i would have been watching the news (I think, not sure if power was off for a day or not), and hearing about all the destruction. I believe I was also still in 5th grade and had not a clue about what I wanted to be when I grew up :).

‘The beginning calls for courage; the end demands care’

Lest anyone be left hanging with my comments earlier in the thread, I flunked out, got my shit together, worked in retail for two years, got married, went back to college, earned my B.A., and got a well-paying job.

“I love God! He’s so deliciously evil!” - Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

Funny…the only person I recall using “Plastic Fish” was JBENZ. :slight_smile:

Y’know what this board needs, JB? Kleenx.

I’ll leave you to explain that…

Haven’t heard from Kleenx in years but Selene is still around. She said to say HI. :slight_smile:

(She still can’t beat me at trivia though…or even to Ben Stein’s Money.

Lex Non Favet Delictorum Votis

Ten years ago…was posting moderately regularly on Fidonet’s gaming groups, and spending hours on local BBS’s. First comp was 19 years ago, Apple II+. Been a geek ever since. :slight_smile:

>>Being Chaotic Evil means never having to say your sorry…unless the other guy is bigger than you.<<

—The dragon observes

Ten years ago I was wandering the wilds of Westphalia. That’s a really fancy way of saying that I was living in Germany. It was a wonderful experience and would very much like to go back to visit someday. Ahh, those were the days of wine and … well, not roses, but wienerschnitzel.

Yes, 10 years ago today was the big 7.2 earthquake in California.

5:17 PM - I had just gotten home and was futzing around my house on Irving Street in San Francisco when the first gentle tremor hit. Instantly, you know, you go “aha! earthquake” and stop what you are doing to be aware of the gentle motion (without becoming particularly alarmed). The biggest one I had endured until then was a 4.3 or so.

Suddenly this wave hit and the house started shaking violently. The chandelier started swinging and with a crash all the tiles over the bathtub fell in. My kitchen window exploded outwards. As I crouched on the floor in the living room I watched a black crack sizzle across the wall in front of me. “Mother of Mercy - is this the end of little Rico?”

It seemed to go on and on for a long time, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Finally it came to a gentle halt.

Outside. Merchant’s windows all broken out up and down the street. People spilling out of buildings, not really looking at each other, dazed and confused. Electricity is out, phones work. I get into my car and turn on the radio. Total anarchy all across the dial. “The Bay Bridge has collapsed!” - no shit!!??

My roommate gets home. We hear there is a big fire in the Marina District. We get on his motorcycle and head out to go see. Streetlights out all over the city, crashes, fighting. We get to the top of the hill there at Lyon and Broadway, and look out over the inferno below. He takes a photo of it which I still have.

Get back home hours later - hacking across the city was a real adventure and a half - we find a houseful of girls calling and saying, please come stay with us and keep us safe from these scary 5.3 aftershocks. We rise to the occasion, stopping off to score some dope in the Haight, and grabbing a bunch of booze from one of the corner stores who (without refrigeration) had moved their entire beer business out onto the sidewalks and said “Sale”.

We drove to the top of the mountain and look out over the black silhouette of a metropolis lit only by moonlight. Surreal. But “the girls are waiting for us, dude, let’s go.”

Two girls for every boy, candlelight, battery-powered radios, life-affirming intoxication, safety.

Mayor Agnos decrees a citywide holiday for everyone except emergency workers. Over the next two-three days we get the full scoop on what-all happened. About 30 hours later we got our electricity back.

It is strange to be in the middle of something like that and be uninformed on the scope of what was really going on. We had no TV, you see. Rumor was in charge.

Ten years ago today I went to see a frriend’s band play at a little bar. I’d arrived early and there was hardly anybody there and we were just watching the start of a World Series game when the earthquake hit. It took us all a moment to figure out what was going on.

The station went to full quake reporting in a couple of minutes, mainly via helicopter. There was a payphone, so I called my brother, who was in SF. He’d been at a gym on an exercise bike; when it first started he said he thought he was just pedalling too hard. He’d gone home immediately and I’d gotten through. He had no power, and no news, so I wound up reporting the scene around him from the bar tv, half a continent away.