Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago last February I joined an online service called PC-Link, which eventually gave rise to America Online.

I became a Remote Service Provider (equivalent to the board moderators and administrators here) during the summer.

Ten years ago this week, I hosted the first weekly episode of Polycarp’s Brain Teasers, an online trivia game.

I bring this up because (a) it’s a fun anniversary for me, but more because (b) the first game was won by a wise, witty, sardonic attorney from Connecticut who is now a regular poster to this board.

Let me acknowledge my oldest e-friend, JBENZ!!!

::::the crowd roars::::

Ten years ago, I was in high school and although we had a computer at home, it didn’t connect to anything other than the power socket :wink:

Mind you, I was quite the Test Drive expert. The first time I heard the engine sound of a Countach IRL freaked me out - it was nowhere NEAR that cool bleeping sound from the internal speaker :slight_smile:


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Ah, ten years ago I was getting falling-down drunk three times a week and flunking out of college. Good times . . .

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There were computers ten years ago?!

Geez, I was in high school then. Shouldn’t hey have taught me about them or something? I sure as hell ain’t using all that French I learned…

Yep. I had a Radio Shack Tandy 1000-TX with a 286 chip, and a full 640K of RAM. Got 10 MHz throughput. And we went for the top of the line: a 20 MB hard drive, a 2400-baud modem, and a 24-pin DMP. Expensive, but worth it!

BTW, remember the DEW line and SAC’s SAGE computers that constantly monitored it (except when they blew tubes)? Terrific machine. It occupied a three-story blockhouse (full) and had a whopping 64K of memory!

10 years ago… i was typing on an old selectric typewriter… but i felt lucky… It was electric LOL

You had a hard drive? And yes Inky, they did have computers 10 years ago.

17 yrs ago, I had a TI-99-4A.
About a yr later Commodore 64
Couple yrs later Tandy 7.16Mhz with dual floppies and 256KB RAM

10 years ago, I was starting my second quarter as a co-op and purchasing my house.


Well, 12 years ago I was editing the student newspaper and otherwise having a blast with our Mac SE, but by 10 years ago I was a grad student and no longer had such immediate access to a computer; didn’t get my own Mac until 1991 or so.

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Ten years ago I laid out my fanzine using Word Perfect on my dad’s XT. He still has it, in fact, though he long ago deleted my work from it’s spacious hard drive…

My first on-line experience was in 1991 when I worked at (now defunct) Bose Express Music Catalog. They advertised on AOL (pre-internet connection for them) and Prodigy. So I stayed late after work to screw around in chat rooms on AOL since as an advertiser, we got to use it for free.

Yer pal,

“Did they have computers 10 years ago?” Humph. About 18 years ago I bought a Radio Shack TRS-80 - 64K and a cassette tape drive. Type “run”, hit “play” button, eat dinner, take shower, read newspaper, and viola! Program loaded!

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Hey, I had a cassette tape drive with my TI.

Cool Doc.

BTW, it was almost 18 years ago now. Still have all of them somewhere in my parents house.


10 years ago. Let’s see…Mac Plus that I upgraded by hand to a whopping 2 MB’s. I felt like such a techie. Ooh, I opened the box! I opened the box!

Hard drive? What’s that?

Ten years ago I was in eighth grade…

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No offense Chris, but I thought you were at least as old as I am. But 10 years ago I was already in college, so I guess not. You were not even legal 10 years ago. Dang I am getting old.


10 years ago I was merely UncleHopsYeastSugar&Water. Now I’m a full-fledged top-fermented brew.

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Ten years ago, I was typing recipies for my mom on that Radio Shack TRS-80. They had a book that told you how to write a “program” in BASIC.

I had to revise the word-prosseser program so that when the Backspace key was hit, it wouldn’t literally backspace and overprint characters.

And I didn’t have that cassette tape drive to save programs. I had to reprogram the thing EVERY time.

Actually I still have the thing. The monitor doubles as a TV.

Oh yeah, I was in third grade in 1989!

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Many of my friends insist that ten years ago we were all partying it up in college, but I have no recollection of that.

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Ten years ago I was 6. I feel like a baby. Who’s the youngest Doper? The oldest? Just interested in knowing the age span in here. Isn’t great that age doesn’t “exist” on-line?

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10 years ago i was 3 and 4. i win as youngest! at least i think so!

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Someone said to me, “Make yourself a sandwich.” Well, if I could make myself a sandwich, I wouldn’t make myself a sandwich. I’d make myself a horny 18-year-old billionaire.

And I bet in 2 years time he’ll be able to find the shift key :wink:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)