Tenant's insurance in Ontario

We currently rent a Garden Home in Ottawa, Ontario. Anyone have a ballpark figure of what we could expect to pay monthly/yearly for full Tenant’s Insurance?

The approx. value of the contents is $30,000CND give or take.

I pay about three hundred and fifty hundred bucks a year for $40,000 worth of coverage, but it’s an addition to my car insurance so I have no diea if that’s market value.

Maybe about $250, last I remember. Try to get coverage with Dominion of Canada - they have a fantastic policy.
(Former Insurance Chick, RIBO)

Okay, that is about what I was expecting.

I will likely go with ING since that’s who I have my car insurance with and they were the lowest price.

I’ll get a quote with DoC too Ginger, thanks!

Dominion of Canada is good, eh? Co-op has screwed me over and I’m going to change as soon as my policy runs out.

Dominion has the BEST worded and included coverage tenants and homeowners policies I have seen in my entire Insurance career. Of course, that was in my former life: now I am a poor immigrant house-wifey in a foreign country.

DoC in Ontario was especially good with claims service. I lost a diamond stud earring down the drain in the shower, and had payment for the replacement in three days. And no, I wasn’t my own broker for that policy, so it had nothing to do with favouritism.

What do you mean by ‘screwed you over’, Anonymous Coward?