Tennis elbow more sore on days off

For some odd reason the soreness from tennis elbow is worse on days when I’m off work. My job is mostly stacking items on pallets and wrapping them with shrinkwrap, so the muscles and tendons around my elbow get a pretty good workout throughout the day (though I"m careful to always lift and wrap with both hands).

What’s going on here?

Also, has anybody ever experienced/heard-of getting tennis elbow in one arm a few weeks after getting it in their other (when the first arm is just starting to feel almost back to normal)?

My sympathies - tennis elbow sucks. Are you using a tennis elbow brace? If not, give it a try - it saved me from having to have surgery for tennis elbow.

I have tennis elbow too, only in my right because it actually is from tennis.

I have been using this product lately to try to treat it. I’m not sure whether it’s working or not, as the severity of the problem tends to be erratic, and I have yet to get really consistent with doing the exercises several times daily as directed. It gets great reviews though.

Good luck!

^ I copped a couple of doses of tennis elbow recently, and I tried all sorts of things to help speed recovery, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Those TheraBand things did seem to help build up strength again, and I could certainly feel it working in the injured area, but you do need a good technique so watch the instructional videos.

I also tried some of the delightfully named Penetrex rub, and though it seemed to help I am unsure as to whether this was because of the active ingredients or merely the result of the gentle massage when rubbing it in.

I’ve tried a number of braces too. Those elasticated tube supports did very little for me, and I also tried a number of different straps. The types that look like a flattened wraparound plastic dog bone on an elasticated strap were OK, but not very comfortable and prone to slipping out of position. The breakthrough came when I got some of these, which are very comfortable and provide padded pressure in just the right place. This type of arrangement seems to have caught on and other manufacturers have brought out similar styles in preference to the old dog bone type.

Yes, done that, except with the injuries spaced about a year apart. I gave myself tennis elbow in my left arm by digging over a potato patch when the soil was wet and claggy. That took about a year to heal, and as soon as it was feeling better I gave myself tennis elbow in my right arm from using a big belt sander to grind off tile cement on my bathroom wall. A few weeks back I felt that my elbows were just about back to full strength, so I went out mountain biking without wearing the usual elbow straps (though I did take them with me just in case). I thought I got away with it, but a couple of days later I came down with another injured tendon in my left elbow, though not in the same area as before. The joys of middle age: it seems that, in terms of elbow straps, I was thinking “how long do I have to do this for?”, when I should have been thinking “this is what I do now”.

I wore elbow braces for the first few weeks (of the type that worked for Fridgemagnet), but not since. Aside from the annoyance of them getting knocked out of position whenever something brushed that area, I’ve seen a few articles that suggest they may be counter-productive after the first few weeks because they keep the muscles and tendons from stretching. Even worse, they reduce circulation and tendons don’t get that much blood flow under normal conditions.