Tennis is boring.

I would like to see them go back to wooden racquets. I would even like to start an alternative tour event.
Quote from John Rubin - “The problem is that these racquets do not allow subtle styles to compete at a world-class level,” he said. “They just eradicate any sense of touch, style or finesse. They’re just bashing the ball. It’s just not the way the sport was meant to be played. You couldn’t have an aluminum bat in baseball–you couldn’t have any historical perspective. That’s what’s happened in tennis. There could not be another John McEnroe now, because that style couldn’t win. With wood racquets, you could play the power game, but you could also serve and volley. You could play back-court game, and all those styles could play on a world-class level. And, as a result, you got different personalities. Because if someone plays touch game, their personality tends to be a little different.”
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I think you’re looking for what is sometimes called real tennis or court tennis. There are a few players and clubs out there. Not surprisingly, they don’t get a lot of attention because the best tennis players are playing tennis, not a recreation of what tennis was like 40 or more years ago.

If you don’t like modern tennis, you’re welcome to your opinion. But if you think there’s no variety and everybody is just killing the ball from the baseline - and that there is no finesse or touch in Federer or Djokovic’s game, for example - you are not paying attention. That doesn’t discourage codgery newspaper columnists, of course.

Men’s tennis is better than ever, actually.

I have no idea how any of what you’ve said could be applied to Federer and Nadal, let alone the other top men.

Shouldn’t this thread be titled “Is tennis becoming irrelevant?” or something?