Tennis Question

If player A hits the ball over the net with so much backspin that it bounces back over the net without player B hitting it,and player A fails to return it, the point belongs to player A, is this correct?

I’m not sure, but I would believe this to be physically impossible anyway.

Nope, damn near happened here at the 32 second mark

Ok, nevermind, I just found the answer. It happens, and player A is awarded the point.

As long as the first bounce over the net is in play, it doesn’t matter where the second - scoring - one is.

It does happen occasionally. Raonic successfully plays a ball that’s bounced back over the net in this video.

Curious why you think this.

It can definitely happen.

You are correct that Player A wins the point. This situation is the only time that the opposing player can reach over the net in an attempt to strike the ball. The player can’t touch the net (nor make contact with racket or clothing) but this is the one time the player can break the plane in order to play the ball.

Incidentally it’s not just under spin that can bring the ball over. If conditions are sufficiently windy, a strong gust will do the trick as well.