Tennis skirt... for hiking?!

I’m going on a hike this weekend and since it’s going to be in the 90’s I don’t want to wear long pants. My only shorts options are basketball-type shorts that aren’t the most attractive (but work for tennis just fine).

Lately, I see a lot of women out jogging while wearing tennis skirts. Maybe they always did, but I only notice now because I play tennis and now notice the clothing when I see it. So I thought - well, if they can wear it while jogging, why can’t I wear it hiking. The one I’d wear is not ultra short; it comes down to my mid thighs (as do all my tennis skirts/dresses, as evidenced by my tan line :slight_smile: ) and is comfortable.

So why not?

How weird would think this is? And if the hike is a 2nd date outing does that change your opinion?

(poll coming)

I can only say an acquaintance who went walking in Lake Country in England said he was surprised to see so many girls out on the trails wearing skirts, not microminies, but regular skirts. How strenuous is the hike, do you know? If it’s an easy ramble over a path and up and down gentle hills, I think your tennis skirt would be fine. If there’s real climbing and lots of vegetation to plow through, shorts might be better.

Not an expert on this kind of thing, but it seems pretty normal to me.

In addition to the tennis skirt, a thong, or better yet, crotchless nylons.

I’ve done the hike once before and there is no scrambling required, nor is there vegetation to plow through. This skirt is actually a skort (has built in shorts) if that makes a difference.

:eek: Maybe for a 3rd or 4th date.

Voted totally appropriate, especially in a date-type situation (personally I’d want to wear something cuter than my old basketball shorts)

Seems to me a tennis skirt would be practical in hot weather too, especially if it has the built-in shorts because you’d get better air circulation down below and to keep your thighs from chafing. Most basketball shorts I’ve seen seem to be made of heavy nylon or polyester, plus you’d have to wear something under them.

Exactly - the tennis shorts are made of that “wicking” material that does a fair job of keeping sweaty clothes from rubbing on your body.

The only thing I’d be really worried about (since the terrain isn’t rough) is mosquitoes and ticks. Bring lots of bug spray, and do frequent tick checks, and you should be fine.

Already planning on packing the bug spray as mosquitoes love me. :frowning: And this particular skirt isn’t any shorter than a normal pair of shorts would be, so I would have the same concern about bugs if I wore shorts.

I suppose a “tick check” could be an interesting opening to physical contact if the chemistry is there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Acceptable from a fashion sense, but maybe dumb from a practicality sense, depending on the location. Since you don’t seem to have any worries about the practicality from personal experience, it should be fine.

You know it. :wink: Hiker’s aphrodisiac: the mingled scents of sunscreen, bugspray and sweat. :smiley:

Perfectly acceptable and practical.

Lots of female friends (and a few male friends) wear hiking skirts as their standard hot weather outfit. Skirts (or skorts if you want a bit more modesty) are very well suited for hiking, don’t give it a second thought.

But what better way to guarantee a 3rd and 4th date!

Exactly! Except mine is dark brown (and was a lot cheaper!).

Perfect. No more worrying about it being weird.

I don’t think there’s any meaningful difference between a skort and regular shorts.

Practically speaking, no. But appearance-wise, yes.

I think this was particular item of clothing was billed as a “skirt” with “built in compression shorts”. Except they aren’t overly compression-y, which is good.

Even appearance-wise, I really think the fabric and detailing make a much bigger difference. Most guys in my experience don’t even know what a “skort” is and if they can’t see your underwear, they’ll think it’s shorts.

Really? Did you look at the picture in this link (posted above):

I can’t see the built in shorts, even by outline, in that picture so it looks just like a skirt, even from the back. Unless you’re looking up the skirt, you won’t really even see the shorts underneath. It’s really more like built in underwear (at least for the tennis skirts I own) that have a little longer legs than shorts.

I was gonna suggest a skort, if you have one, a good compromise.