tent cities in Cal. on BBC

The people who walked out,were foreclosed on or otherwise lost their homes are being reported on on the BBC. Tent cities are springing up , The BBC is highlighting the ones in California. i have seen nothing in the American press about this.
Is there any coverage in your neck of the woods.?
I see picnic tables propped up in the woods near my home in Dearborn Hgts ,Mi, I see cardboard and newspaper in the cracks. I haven’t seen any people around them though. Is this an under reported story ,ignored by our “press”.?

The only coverage I’ve seen is the BBC story. Strange, because my parents live only a few miles from the tent city and they’ve never mentioned it. Dad’s coming to visit me tomorrow – I’ll ask him about it then. He’ll definitely know about it, as he flies out of ONT weekly, and would almost certainly drive by the tent city on the way to the airport – I recognized the area immediately when seeing the report, and I fly into ONT only once a year.

There are homeless people? In America? Why was I not informed about this!

Seriosly, though: the OP needs to read his own cite, which specifically states that very few of the homeless people at that site are there because of the mortgage crises. Some are, sure, and that number’s likely to grow, but the “tent city” would still be there even if the bottom hadn’t fallen out of the housing market.

Well, the story talks of only one person who claims to be in that tent city due to foreclosure problems. I don’t see why that would merit any news coverage.

Yeah, the fact that folks have been homeless in large numbers for longer than a few months
means it ain’t news. Nothing to report here. Move along.


Not sure if that’s serious or not, but I don’t think it is news in the way the OP is suggesting. There are homeless encampments all over the place, and they are reported on quite frequently. But they are not filled with people down on their luck because they had subprime loans and are now foreclosure victims. So no, tent cities are not “springing up” (per the OP) in response to the subprime crisis.

Wow, a misleading thread started by **gonzomax ** on the basis of an article he apparently didn’t read or understand? Now that is unprecedented!

That was a stupid criticism. The one man was chosen as representative. One man in a report does not mean he is only one . It would not be a story then. IHe represents more, and that is clearly the implication ,that was beyond you, it is a story. Not in America but other places might cover it better,

Wow. Do you even read your links or is it too difficult for you to comprehend them:

The implication, unfortunetly, being undercut by the explicit statements in the report that he is, in fact, just one man, and is not representative of the vast majority of the homeless in that camp.

Well, perhaps it was meant to imply that there were more. But implying something doesn’t make it true, does it? Can you think of some political figures who use this tactic…to state a true fact that implies a false conclusion from that fact? What do you think of people who engage in that sort of propaganda?

Implying something doesn’t mean it’s true, does it?

Yes, there are tent cities of homeless people in America.

If you assert that these tent cities are growning rapidly due to the home mortgage crisis, then you can’t just imply it, you have to show some evidence, don’t you?

You pretty much nailed it on the first try. Gonzo rarely (read: never) actually READS his own cites (let alone the ones presented back to him to refute his ridiculous claims). It’s obvious that he wants there to be hundred, thousands, maybe tens of thousands of homeless people/victims from the recent housing melt down…so he is going to read that part of the article and nothing else.

Actually READING the article we see this:

Word has spread and Tent City is up to a population of 300…in CALIFORNIA! One of the most populous states in the union! If the projected population doubles or even triples it’s not even a blip on the radar for gods sake! Hell, if it goes up an order of magnitude it will only just start to register.

We also read this:

Tragic…not taking away from that. And homelessness IS a problem…not taking away from that either. But we aren’t going to see mass refugee camps due to the housing melt down either…which is what the OP is angling for with this.

And here is the crux…

And yet, out of 300 folks in Tent City this eagle eyed reporter found…one man. Maybe that will double by next month and there will be TWO men! :eek:

Just wait though!


No, he doesn’t represent more until you actually find more. He also refused to give his name, and there is no evidence that the reporter confirmed his story, so we don’t even know if this one instance is correct. This thread is a joke.

And unless it actually reflects the current news cycle’s story of current interest, it is not newsworthy. Move along, now. No story here.


It would be kind to call this type of article shoddy journalism. The author leads off with a headline that says “Tent city highlights US homes crisis”. Then he opens with a discussion of the current mortgage foreclosure problems and all he has to show to justify his title is one anonymous person in a tent city who claims to be homeless due to a foreclosure, but about whom he offers no evidence that the claim is true other than his say-so. What a piece of crap.

Now, it could be that the mortgage crisis has led, or will lead to, increased homelessness in the US. But this article doesn’t give us any reliable evidence of that.

Yes, because it isn’t as if anyone has actually attempted to address the problem, and it certainly hasn’t received national news. :rolleyes:

I heard about this place, and didn’t see any particular link to the whole house repossession thing. These kinds of refuges are all over.

However, though they may not be because of the mortgage problems, they still represent other serious economic problems. I met a vet just yesterday who ended up in a place like that, because he has some kind of back disease, and couldn’t continue working (in construction). Fortunately for him he can go to the VA hospital, and might be retrained to do some kind of desk job. But many don’t have that option, and they’re not all just drug addicts who want to be homeless.

People are being foreclosed out of their homes. Families are being tossed out. Have you wasted any thought into what happens to them. The joke is your blinders that that keep you from looking around and seeing what real damage has been done to families. Never waste time thinking about kids in the street.

If you want to argue about that, why not link to a news story about that instead of linking to a bullshit story and falsely implying that evictees are creating tent cities. The problem is not our blinders; the problem is your apparent inability to actually read anything you link to.

Sure. But you haven’t given us any information about what is actually happening-- just speculation about what might happen. When you have some actual information, please do share it with us. Until then, this thread is still a joke.