Term for a slim-majority win? Plural___?

What’s the political term for an election winner who wins by a narrow margin, such as 34%, 33%, and 33%? I am drawing a blank, but all I can think of is pluracy? (That’s a lung condition.) The significance is just that it reflects how the winning indivdual is still not a candidate of the people.

Ah! This brain fart is killing me!

  • Jinx



You may be thinking of the word plurality, but “an election winner who wins by a narrow margin” is not the correct definition.

A plurality is the largest vote getter among a number of candidates, no one of whom has achieved a majority (i.e. over 50%).

A 51/49 election would be a narrow margin but not a plurality.

Conversely, in a race in which one person got 49% and 50 others got 1% each, we’d have a plurality (Mr. 49%) but not a narrow margin.