term for about to curse, but not actually cursing


there’s that old song “Shaving Cream”. Lyrics go something like “…and I stepped in a pile of shhhh- shaving cream”.

and there’s a patty-cake like game that uses the same device. about to swear, but suddenly a clever substitution.

i think the beastie boys do it in “Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego”.
is there a literary term for this?


Cursus Interruptus? :slight_smile:

Hey, look how many words Shakespeare invented by taking familiar roots and extending them in useful ways. If enough of us use the phrase, into the dictionaries it goes.

Precursor? Swearing Off?






Oh, and if anyone’s curious, here are some examples of Shakespeare-invented words. And here’s a Q&A on OED’s policy for admitting new words. (Which I’m only tossing in cuz it happens to mention the Big S.)