Term for this condition - artist

I came across a word, or term for when a person picks up a new art form and is highly prolific. There’s an initial phase where they produce a ton of work - an outpouring of everything they had bottled up that the new art (painting, writing, music) has given vent to.

However I can’t find this word to save my life.

The mental giants over at reddit word-smith volunteered such gems as:

Hoping that someone on this forum can cough up the term and give my obsessive-compulsive mind (and my google-fingers) a much needed rest!


If you want to be nice, they are called Emerging artists in sophisticated talk.

See http://emptyeasel.com/2011/03/15/navigating-the-three-stages-of-a-professional-art-career/
If you didn’t mind borrowing a euphemism… You could say they were going at it hammer and tongs.




churning it out…

Burst out, growth spurt, initial surge