Term or concept for that which is neither something nor nothing

For a while I have considered reality and existence irrational. All explanations either lead to a godlike creature or set of natural laws that simply have to exist for no known explanation. It seems much tidier and simpler if there was nothing at all, no universe. So our existence is irrational no matter what.

But then, I realized that nothingness, having its quality of being nothing, is just as irrational as existence. Both existence and non-existence are irrational, because they require definition.

So any object, force or lack of same lives in this sort of binary world where it either exists or it doesn’t. What I am seeking is the place beyond existence and non-existence.

Is there a term or philosophy for this? A German word? The irrational universe? Have I explained what I am seeking properly?

Been reading some Sartre ? :slight_smile:

Maybe you are referring to “shunyata” (Nagarjuna is famous for writing about this)

I think you already found the term. It’s “irrational”.

Looking for something that both exists, and doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist. If you then conclude that “therefore it does and doesn’t exist”, that’s irrational. And you’ve found it.

Or maybe you haven’t, and therefore have.

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It is sometimes called philosophy’s primal query. Why is there something rather than nothing? There is no conceivable answer. God? No, for why is there a god rather than nothing? God created herself? What drivel.

Not exactly something or nothing, but how about an axiom? As in, we must assume that what we define as “something” is indeed “something” for the sake of proceeding forward and that even if we are some wholly imaginary creature or a brain in a vat, we have no way of knowing or investigating that and so we must set aside the question as irrelevant.

Our existence is axiomatic.

Eh, Shit Happens. Or it doesn’t.

But if a bear craps in the woods, but never turns to see the stool, did it ever really crap?

Existential Vacuum.

I believe it is incoherent to say that nothing can’t be nothing because we’re able to come up with a word and description of it. And I think it’s really incoherent to ask for a word/description to describe things that have so little existence they can’t be named or described.

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“Beyond comprehension”

There’s plenty of ways to describe the concept, there’s no practical use for it though.