term paper help...plagiarism, academic dishonesty, etc...

i have a term paper due tomorrow night. i have all of the info, but tying it together will take too much time, esp. since i have a test tomorrow night as well. in another class this morning, i was terrorized by another instructor about ‘Academic dishonesty’, so here are the particulars of my case- My term paper is a quick fix type…i can absorb a weak grade on it, so i don’t care if it is high quality or not…i just need to hand it in. I need to know if a timeline needs a cite. i am taking the timeline from several sources since one particular source has this info, one source has that info. i have lost my cites and the stuff is common info anyway.
(along these lines on april 10, gordon liddy went into water gate hotel with jeb macgruder…april 11th john mitchell stole hush money from h r hALDEMAN, ETC…). if i turn it in like this will i get clipped for academic dishonesty or just for being a dork with no support for my info?

I’d find a website/websites and get a cite. Academic dishonesty policies - don’t mess with them.

Everythingshould have a cite, but if the names and dates of your timeline are common knowledge which is not unique to any particular individual source (which they appear to be from your description) then it is not plagiarism to use them without a cite. But I would highly reccomend you find the original cite anyway, as your teacher may want you to cite everything.

well, they’re not unique…the ones i gave were for an example of course…actually, it is the lebanese civil war…the facts attending the particular dates are mol common knowledge-as a matter of fact, i use the motif of : “Here are the agreed upon facts”…should i be safe with that?

If your timelime simply summarizes dates and facts that your paper already documents, then you don’t need any additional citations. But you do need a citation for any date or other fact that appears only in the timeline.

You are not making too big a deal of being concerned about properly citing your sources. But you may be making too big a deal of avoiding citations documenting your timeline. If you google “Watergate timeline,” you will come up with probably more information than you need, all easily cited to a reliable source.

ha! i think i’m now on the right track! thanks for the help!