Terminal Server 2003 Strange Behavior

I’m logged into an old Win Terminal Server 2003 via the console as Admin. There is a virtual printing program installed so that when end users also logged in under their profiles print to it, a filing screen pops up for them where they can view the document they just printed, enter the filing criteria for it and save the document in a database. This is all well and good. However, logged in as Admin via the console, I shouldn’t be seeing the filing screen pop up whenever an end user prints to this program. Why am I seeing it?

Because the program is an old one (or the source is old and not corrected) and likely is designed to pop up a wndow on the console. Not sure the technical means to program this (it’s beyond me) but the assumption on the program is that there only is the console. I haven’t seen this behaviour since warning messages on some HP print drivers (I think it was) on Windows NT4 almost 15 years ago, with the first Citrix servers.

I think you need an updated version of the software, or the users (one at a time) login with the “/console” option.

Thanks md2000. Is there any way I can suppress the program from popping up under my Admin account?