Termite Trout. Newslink.

Actually, a catfish that eats wood. With spoon-shaped teeth. And armored hides.

Mmmmmm… catfish.

Yeeessss…and they supply the toothpicks! :slight_smile:

Interesting story link on that page. It seems that one of his cousins was found in the UK back in 2009: South American armoured suckermouth catfish found in Leicestershire

Oh, and there’s the other link on the page to the story of the monitor lizard with a double penis, too.

The Telegraph has some great nature reporting! :stuck_out_tongue:

Give em some cedar planks to eat first mmmmm…

I want to see a picture of these spoon shaped teeth.

It looks like some kinda warped carp

Interestingly, those fish have been examined for their ability to digest cellulose. They can’t. They don’t even have substantial amounts bacteria in their guts that can (as in the case of a cow or a termite). They get little nutrition from the wood itself, and what they actually digest is just stuff on and in the wood they are eating. Sounds like a rough way to make a living.