Terrell Owens Meltdown Already?

So TO is going on recordblaming the owner and coaches for the team’s loss. I guess no one is surprised, but I thought he *might *make it the full year.

TO is the man I love to hate. Any team he plays for I root against immediately. It seems to work too, the teams he plays for seem to lose.

Already? What already? I’m shocked it took as long as it did. Besides, by his standards this is pretty mild and probably somewhat accurate.

He’s right on one thing, though. The Bengals have underachieved from the top down this year.

How is that a meltdown?

Once you start criticizing your bosses in public, you have one foot out the door.

Correct. But for a guy with a one year contract, he already had one foot out the door. So - how is that a meltdown?

Lol. Ok.

I said before the season started that he would be a cancer, just like everywhere else. This should come as no surprise to anybody but FoieGrasIsEvil, who said:

Talk about chickens coming home to roost…

If by “this,” you mean “every.”

Honestly, I don’t blame TO this time. He’s the one bright spot on a completely terrible team.

TO is not the problem with the Bengals but I can barely hear you from your high horse.

If by “high” you mean " the 1st place, probable 1st round playoff bye, about to make a run at the Super Bowl Steelers", you’re absolutely right. I hope the Bengals didn’t pack after last year because they’re back home in the basement.

For a brief, horrible moment I thought you meant that he wwas going to try to get signed by the Steelers. That would be a bad fit, methinks.

I can’t picture any of the Steeler’s coaches, past or present, thinking he would fit.

No, I think he meant “going out of your way to say ‘I told you so’ to a guy not even in the thread.”

Especially since 90% of fans were saying so, too.

That’s our dynamic. He drops bombs on me when the Bengals are good, which fortunately for me is around once a decade, and I am simply returning the favor.

At least TO isn’t a rapist.

Who is? With proof, please.

Oh this is just pathetic. I hope your sister or wife never has to face an animal like your hero Ben.

Well, since you brought my family into it…

Never mind. You want to make it personal and I don’t even know who you are. The difference, of course, is that in this case I have facts (Fact: TO has left every team he’s played for in ignominy… Fact: he pulls this routine with every team he’s ever played for) and you have nonsense (Ben was accused but was never charged… said the DA, he prosecutes crimes, not morals, not to mention that the first charge that made the second credible was an obvious shakedown).

Then again, Bengals fans are noted for their nonsense, as I have cited. Not to mention their own well-known roster of criminals that you undoubtedly have backed to the hilt until they splatter their heads all over the road.

Fact: TO remains the least of the Bengals problems.

and that says a lot. :slight_smile: