Terrible movie - "The Ghost Writer" - is 84% on RT

RickJay. Buddy. Without getting into the clumsy mechanics of Rotten Tomatoes (kenobi 65 nailed it, so I really don’t have anything to add), I’d like to remind you of one of the fundamental rules of the Internet. At some point you will run into something where the overwhelming, colossal, monstrous, crushing, pulverizing, all-encompassing, almighty, universe-spanning consensus opinion is a polar 180 from yours. Allow me to give a few quick examples (out of roughly several hundred):

Subnautica. I hated, hated, hated absolutely everything about this ridiculous game. I hated how Creative repeatedly yanked my chain, I hated those mystery fish that attacked me and nabbed my vehicles out of nowhere, I hated that stuff that could’ve helped me kept getting removed, I hated never having any idea how to get stuff, I hated never being safe anywhere. Other than a blue-moon grumble about getting lost or not being able to find a rare element, I have not heard one thing about this game that wasn’t 100% glowing praise. For crying out loud, Yahtzee…Yahtzee!..gave it a positive review! His entire show is about constant negativity, to the point where he often flat-out forces it! HE LEGIT LOVED SUBNAUTICA!! :scream:

South Park. Was making Eric Cartman an invincible Bugs Bunny-type jerkhole demigod a terrible decision? I certainly think so. I’m fairly confident you have a greater chance of discovering the Unified Field Theory than a person who agrees with me on this.

Calvin and Hobbes. The world’s take: Aww, what a heartwarming story about a boy and his lovable quasi-real furry pal. They’re such good friends. My take: Are you people blind??

:man_shrugging: What can you do? The great thing about the Internet is that you get to experience a whole world outside your comfort zone; the terrible thing about the Internet is the same. Say your piece, take your lumps, move on. Life’s too hard otherwise.