Terrible science news quality

We all know that the quality of science news in the general press is pretty poor.
Many national newspapers don’t even employ a dedicated science writer any more, and even sources like the BBC can report dodgy science (“the man who regrew a finger”).

But this excerpt from today’s London Metro (probably London’s most read newspaper really tickled me)

They missed off the bit about cute flying robots.

The simulation in question was one of the movie The Black Hole, wasn’t it?

Did they confuse it with wormhole, perhaps?

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That made the baby Cecil cry… and down a full bottle of scotch.

Well, a black hole is a hard thing to describe clearly. I’m willing to cut some slack for that. What bugs me is when they mix up galaxies and solar systems. There’s no excuse for that, unless your knowledge of astronomy comes from Super Mario Galaxy.

Yeah I agree actually. Most of the readership will either not know or have many misconceptions about gravity, relativity, stellar evolution and such, so describing black holes is a tall order.
But at the least the description shouldn’t add misconceptions.

Yep, forgot about that one. It’s very very common and very annoying.
Also, they often describe the Milky Way as being a far away place.

“We may soon be able to travel to the Milky Way and back in one lifetime”

Pfft, been there, done that.