Territorial Adults!

I had no idea such thing existed in adults, until I started this new job a few months ago. I’m an only child and while I have had some relationships, I’ve never shacked up with anyone. Also, never lived in dorms or Greek housing. I guess this is why I’ve been so clueless about this so long.

I went to school of course, and I worked several jobs. However, in all of these settings, we all had a lot of space. This job is different, I deliver. The depot where we all load our materials into our vehicles is small for the amount of workers. Everyone seems to be in my way, but I don’t say anything, that’s just in my nature. But, I also seem to be in everyone else’s way, too. Unlike me though, they are reacting.

I am getting into constant confilcts (usually with men) about parking in certain places, spending too much time loading things into my vehicle (there’s assigned stations, usually about 4-5 people, first come first serve), using the wrong restroom, etc.

It doesn’t stop once I get out on the road. When I’m delivering stuff to houses and businesses, we are obviously required to pull over and turn on our blinkers. When I’m parked on the left side on the road, I’d say 6/10 times a driver honks at me to move, gestures that they need to pass, and sometimes they just sit there and wait until I’m done delivering. And this is while the other side of the road is completely clear and passable! Unlike back at the depot, it’s men and women behaving this way.

I feel like I’m back in fifth grade fighting over bus seats and handlebars. How do I settle such conflict over space with adults? When I was little, I would just hit them, curse them out, or tell a teacher. Obviously, I don’t have these alternatives in the real world. What sort of additional things that adults are territorial about, outside of cars/roads/parking? I can’t imagine running into this sort of stuff if I decide to get roommates or move in with a significant other.

Using the wrong restroom is generally frowned upon.

You’re parking on the left side of the road? On a two-way street? I’m pretty sure that’s not legal. If on a one-way street, the other driver may be concerned/confused about local regulations that prohibit passing on the left.

Bolding mine. Are you saying that you’re surprised that when blocking a traffic lane you get objections from drivers who would like to use it for it’s intended purpose? Surely there is a driveway or delivery dock for the homes and businesses you’re delivering to so that you don’t need to park where it’s not legal to do so?

It’s also illegal to park on the opposite side of the road even when there is parking available there. (Thanks Ferret Herder I completely missed the left side of the road part)

There’s no signs on the restrooms…

This was madated by our employer. Because most of us deliver from our cars, pickups, or vans…and not 18 wheelers, we were told to never use docks. Because of time constraits and increased risk of accidents from backing out, we are not supposed to use driveways.

Are you saying that you’re surprised that when blocking a traffic lane you get objections from drivers who would like to use it for it’s intended purpose?

I’m doing my job. Yes, I’m surprised. If I was just some random jackoff blocking traffic, I would understand. But I’m obviously doing my work, and again, most of the time the other side of the road is clear and passable.

If you are in the US, on a 2-way street/road, and you are pulling to the left side of the road to stop your vehicle, it is a dick move, as well as illegal. I am not surprised other drivers are giving you the evil eye.

Sorry - maybe “dick move” is a bit harsh. Let’s say - other drivers will find it rude, with reason.

But, I’m working…I’m not just some random person.

That doesn’t make it any less illegal, or unexpected.

It’s illegal to drive above speed limits but cops can exceed it to respond to incidents. It’s in their job description. Do people get mad at cops for speeding?

This conversation has taken an interesting turn. So it is okay for people to get mad at some workers “breaking laws” on the job, and not others?

You’re comparing your making a delivery to a cop responding to a call? Seriously?’

How does parking on the wrong side of the road blocking traffic reduce the risk of accidents? This is one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard of.

I predict you’re not long for this job.

Yes, we’re both madated by the folks who employ us to use our vehicles in a certain way that would get a non-worker in trouble. It’s appearing by both people in real life and in this thread that there are varying standards depending on the job. I will get fired for not following directions on my job as much as any other road worker. What makes me different?

Again, I was instructed to do this by my employer. Also, cops and security guards see me pulled over all the time and give me a wave. If what I’m doing is illegal, they would ticket me.

Actually as someone sho spends alot of time looking for parking places at times, this kinda stuff becomes all too common. in residential areas I am often guilty of parking the wrong way on the street rather than making a 3 point and coming back at the spot from the right direction. Of course I am not blocing traffic doing this, but I have encountered dozens of times where I needed to park somewhere in for example an alley while delivering a bunch of computer equipment we were installing. There isn’t always an “out of the way” place to park that does not involve hauling a whole bunch of stuff 3-4 double armloads worth, several hundred yards to the building then up 3 floors on the elevator, then the last bit to the office in question.

The better plan:
Park inconveniently
unload all stuff on ground
haul all to elevator
load elevator
unload to destination floor
haul to office

you stay in sight of your stuff and make a bunch of short trips.

once stuff is safely at location, run down, move truck, park in proper place, hike back and do install.

The cops are not breaking the law, they are explicitly allowed to speed in those circumstances. What you do is never legal. You’re in the wrong here, utterly. And even if it were illegal for cops to speed, that would not excuse your illegal behaviour. Do you honestly think the law says “it’s illegal to park in circumstance XXXXX, oh except when you’re working and your boss wants you to”? The fact that you were working makes no difference - none - to the offense.

Trust me, you have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Spots on refridgerator shelves for lunches.
Seats in break areas
Which delivery truck of 6 identical ones in similar condition.
Thermostats in offices
office chairs
empty every night day use lockers
Use of phones

Its freaking insane.

I have never been ticketed for such. Even if this is illegal, I don’t understand why I’m not given benefit of the doubt anyway. I’m not blocking traffic, I deliver in relatively low traffic areas. None of my stops are in No Passing Zones. The cars can pass me legally, but for some reason they choose not to. To be honest, this feels like a power play to me. I don’t give people shit while people do their jobs, too bad that some people do not feel the same.

When you say “deliver from our cars, pickups or vans” do you mean you’re using your personal vehicles to deliver things?

If you are using your own vehicle and not an obviously painted delivery vehicle, how the heck am I supposed to know you’re doing your job and not “some random jackoff blocking traffic?”

Cops drive by you while you’re parked facing the wrong way in a traffic lane on a two lane road and wave at you?

If you’re using your own vehicle for deliveries, your auto insurance is not going to cover you if someone hits your car while you’re working - another reason not to park in the road. You’re only covered for personal use of the car.

Well, for one, you don’t have the authority of the government allowing you to break traffic laws, as do cops, fire trucks, and ambulances. It’s worthwhile to note that cops, etc. do get in trouble if they use their lights and/or sirens to get through traffic when they do not have a valid reason.