Terrorist Attack on US Soil yesterday and no one cares.


It seems like this is just being swept under the rug. What do you think? Actually terrorist attack or a bunch of smoke?

I do not see how this falls under a “terrorist” act at all.

Hate crime quite possibly but that is about it.

Not a terrorist attack at all.

That guy is a huge aerosol, though.

Buncha smoke.

A shitty thing to do, but it’s hardly 9-11.

Article says they couldn’t identify any chemicals on her. The girl is 10, she may have just made up the story, with or without coaching.

Possibly a hate crime, possibly nothing at all. Not terrorism.

Usually, terrorists like to “make a splash” with their actions. Bombs, guns, stuff like that.

They also usually (though not always) make public declarations and claim credit for the misdeeds, so that they are not “handwaved away” by an apathetic populace. They want to be noticed, and their gripes heard.

So, it doesn’t fit my personal definition of terrorism, but it is closer to a “hate crime” definition. (If it happened. As A shameful cracker points out, the girl may be making stuff up just to get attention, or maybe she got caught suffering from the effects of her first time smoking cigarettes… dunno.)

I thought you were referring to the recent bombing outside the U.S. Embassy in Yemen (which could be considered US territory.) It didn’t get a whole lot of press coverage either, mainly cause only one U.S. citizen died (and oh by the way 17 other people with around 100 injuries.)

Where on Earth did you get the description of this as a “terrorist attack on US soil”"?

From the article:

Does this mean every mugging, macing, random and not so random act of violence is now a “terrorist act”?

Is this a parody thread, meant to imply that Bush et al have gone too far in seeking warrants and whatnot in TWAT?

It can’t be a terrorist attack. If if was, the Bush administration would be blowing it all out of proportion and using it as excuse to take away more of our rights.

A chemical sprayed directly into a kid’s face with no obvious physical effect, that causes multiple people to feel ill, and yet dissipates without trace? I smell hysteria.

Clearly, this is excellent news for the McCain campaign.

Time to stock-up on masking tape and rolls of vinyl.

Why should I have to pay for tape and vinyl?

I say ban all Mosque’s in the United States and the problem is solved.

Why just in the US? :stuck_out_tongue:

are you serious?

Serious as a panic attack.

Or you could simply wrap all Muslims in vinyl. Couple of nose holes…voila!

I think this thread is more of a terrorist attack than the story in the link.