Terrorist reaction? -President-elect Obama

So any official announcements or reactions from some of the best?

“some of the best”???

I did not see Gov. Palin make any announcements. I think she let John McCain do all the talking. GWB spoke this morning, too. Beyond that…

Not exactly terrorists but Hamas said that they saw little difference between McCain and Obama.

> Israel Radio quoted a Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Fawzi Barhoum, as describing the choice between the Republican John McCain and his Democratic rival Barack Obama as one between two “awful options.”

You know, your Bin Laden’s, “#2’s and #3’s”, etc…

All of the Al Queda #2’s are dead, aren’t they? All 80 of them.

Israel bumped heads with Hamas over a tunnel incident. Doesn’t appear related to the election. Russia announced it was putting missiles next to Poland along with jamming ships and that appeared to be timed to our elections.

AQ has been having trouble with their Internet connections lately courtesy of Uncle Sam so we don’t get to hear how much they hate our new president.

The Tehran Times ran a piece a few days ago which said, amongst other things, that there was no difference between the two candidates.

Your Ace of Spades, King of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds, 3 of Clubs, ect…

President Hugo Chavez seems kinda’ happy with our election results.

a.) Terrorists are stupid.

b.) Stupid people believe that Barack Obama is a terrorist.

c.) They wouldn’t attack a country run by one of their own.

d.) So, y’know…we’re good then.

Although I have another term reserved for this man, I disagree that Hugo Chavez is a terrorist. The same goes for Sarah Palin and McCain. I’m talking about the self-bomb strapping, head cutting type of terrorist. You know, the “hey lets fly a jet into a building” type terrorist.

And I agree that terrorists are stupid too. We should hang out.

Now see, Kozmik gets it.

Given how good the Republicans have been for them, I expect they are unhappy. If, say, terrorists based in Syria blow up something major in the US, Obama will probably go after the terrorists and Syria, and not invade Canada or Uzbekistan or Australia or some other country with no relation to the attack.