Terrorists In Mecca?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this… but durned if I could determine whether it belonged here or Great Debates. I don’t have a clue as to the answer, though, so it seemed right to put it here. Moderators, correct me if I’m wrong.

Background Info: Recently, two persons blew themselves up in Mecca to avoid being captured by Saudi officials. The Saudi government has stated that these individuals were terrorists, armed Islamic extremists, who apparently intended to carry out terror attacks there.

Question: What would Islamic extremists be doing in Mecca?

I mean, how many Israelis or Westerners does one normally find in Mecca during Ramadan? Precisely who were they planning to attack, and why? Wouldn’t this be considered sacrilege or bad form or something, attacking their fellow Muslims in the Holy City?

Facts? Speculations? Someone help me with the burden of my ignorance, here.

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From what I understand about the whole Middle East mess is that Osama is seriously cheesed at Saudi Arabia. He sees SA as the United States’ bitch and would just as soon destroy them as well as us.

You have to understand the twisted mentality of these extremists. Their ideology is based on Wahhabism, which says that all non-Wahhabi Muslims are infidels who can be killed legitimately. This is considered heretical by mainstream Islam (but the Wahhabis, backed by petrodollars, have been campaigning to persuade everyone that they are “mainstream” Islam, sort of like the Shrub administration’s right-wing extremists try to claim that their ideology is “normal” Americanism).

The terrorists have just gone further in declaring everyone outside their little faction to be “infidels” who can be killed to advance their power trip; this is why they attack other Muslims. In fact, they’ve been attacking other Muslims since long before they started attacking Westerners. The early Islamic theologians who ruled it a sin for Muslims to excommunicate other Muslims knew what they were doing. They knew how this type of violent extremism spirals out of control into insanity.