Tesseract house, SF story ID; Omni magazine?

I remember reading a short story in the '80s about a guy in a tesseract-shaped house. I think I may have read it in Omni magazine.

I searched ‘tesseract house’ and came up with Heinlein’s –And He Built A Crooked House–. That story was first published in 1941. I don’t remember enough detail to tell if the plot I read matches the story I’m trying to remember. I’m pretty sure I read the story in Omni, and the Wiki article for Heinlein’s story does not mention the magazine.

Was there a short story, that was not –And He Built A Crooked House–, that appeared in Omni about a guy inside of a tesseract house? If so, what was its title?

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Tangents by Greg Bear was published in Omni in '86 - it concerns a boy who can see and interact with 4-space. Maybe you have conflated that with “and he built a crooked house”

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It’s possible. I do remember a ‘boy’. But I’m pretty sure he was trying to find his way around a tesseract house.

One of the later Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy books - the last one, I think - well, I don’t think that anyone will say they’ve seen any later book in the series.

Anyhow, and it may not have been specifically identified as such, but ‘Wonko the Sane’ lives in a strange house on the California coast that could very well be extra-dimensional.

AIUI, Wonko the Sane lived in an ‘inside-out’ house, where the interior furnishings were outside and the garden and such were on the inside. I think he called it ‘Outside the Asylum’.

In the story I’m looking for, the house was an actual tesseract.

I read it too, and the summary in Wikipedia matches my memory of it. We got Omni, and I did a project on Tesseracts for my 8th grade science fair around '86 so that is probably were I encountered it as well.