Test Post (Hotmail Validity).

As I said here here I got a hopefully false email saying my Hotmail account would expire after Friday. This post will see if it’s still valid on these boards.

So how are you all doing? Did you have a nice Friday the 13th? I am weird about Friday the thirteenth. I am not superstitious, yet I still fear it. While this phishing scam was certainly unlucky. Think about it.


It is fake. I just sent a test massage from me@hotmaul to me@gmail. no problem.

Sorry, but this test did nothing. You signed up for the SDMB with an email address; possibly used it once to verify that it was a valid email address & you had access to it (I don’t remember as I’ve been a member for way to many years). Depending upon your configuration, you may get an email when you get a PM, or there’s an update to a subscribed thread, or from an admin, or ___,or you may have them turned off. You would still be able to sign in with the credentials that the board has on file even if you don’t have access to that email acct anymore.