Test Post (Low Content)

Like pantheon, I’ve lurked so long without posting (read the boards almost every day) that I’m feeling the need to make sure I can still post & start threads!


Cool! New colo[COLOR=YellowGreen]urs.[/COLOR].

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

OK, regular service may now be resumed (Mods, please close.)

Anyone guess where my sig comes from?


Come for the Demons:

Stay for the Music! :wink:

Yeah, that’s it. I tried to find the long SDMB thread about how funny that site is, but it seems to have gone.

Signatures? I don’t see no stinkin’ signatures. I blame my guest account.

Do you have a User Profile (User CP)? If so, check the Options and make sure that, under ‘Thread Display Options’, ‘Show Signatures’ is ticked.

Ah, yes, I do. Got it. Apparently there’s an option for avatars too, but I don’t think you guys use them. It seems like they would detract from the reading experience anyway.

OK, just to confuse everyone I’ve decided to change my signature now :smiley:

Just for reference, my old signature was an extract from the FAQ of the above linked website www.demonbuster.com.

Thanks for that.

Can we post yet?

Yup, once again Boyce and Boice have been vanquished to the nether regions.

Making sure I can post…I tried several times earlier today with no luck. (Why does something always go wrong during my lunch break?)