test post only...no info here

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BUT in case y’all had to look, I was

Just curious as to why a posted message doesn’t always appear in the thread as it does on the preview. I assume it has to do with the auto-margin-just

I hope I’m correct that this forum can be used for a very rare practice post. Mods. if I’m just killing hampsters, spank me a little and I’ll be on my way.

and delete if necessary…thnx

If you are going to do “ascii art” use the CODE tag (which becomes an HTML <PRE>). Among other things, multiple spaces are not preserved by the browser in the display of normal text, and it will use a variable width font.

And same to you, buddy.

yo…bob To insert blank spaces I need to do what?

Sorry, no geek here & same to me huh :smiley:

Hey I thought it looked pretty good before posting.

Oh well, I’ll get it right yet.

BTW I really don’t want to waste hamster power posting this here, but I’ve got several saved on my notebook. How’s the best way to check these out for use?