Test questions to visit the International Space Station (ISS). Can you pass?

Some of these are pretty difficult.

1 is super easy if you remember ohms law and recognize this is a series circuit. Current is the same throughout.

The test provides only 10 seconds for a pattern recognition puzzle? There’s no way I can do that. I needed about 45 seconds (for each) to see the pattern and solve 9, 10, and 12.

8 totally frustrated me. Even with their answer it makes no sense. I haven’t figured out 11 either. I got frustrated and gave up.

I assume candidates study languages. Otherwise there’s no way the average person could answer that section of the test.

Overall it obviously takes a lot of study to earn a seat to the ISS.

Spoiler for questions 1 and 9.

I’d really, really like explanations for 8 and 11. They frustrated the crap out of me.

For question 9, think of turning a knob a quarter turn.

Question 1. Calc Voltage drop in series circuit.

where R is the total resistance in the series circuit.

I=12/15=.8 amps


Voltage drop across each resistor
R1 E=.8*5=4V

R2 E=.8*10=8V

Here’s my take on 8. Assume standard ‘reading’ direction. left to right top to bottom.

Each time, the first block moves over one, the second block moves over two, and the third block moves over three.

For 11, For each first column, imagine it fitting inside the second column to create the 3rd column.

For 1, if you recognize it as a voltage divider circuit, you can shortcut to (R1)/(R1+R2) * V without having to get into current.

That’s a shocking answer. :wink:

But, you would get the answer easier that way.

I see the pattern in 8 and 11.

Thanks Folly!

Sometimes I see the pattern in these puzzles and sometimes I don’t.

They seem so easy after the pattern is pointed out.