Test Thread - iPhone Posting

Just seeing how well I can do with posting from my new toy.

Carry on.

Welcome to the club! I love my iPhone.

Hal do you have Tapatalk yet?

I have it, but somehow mostly just use the web browser.

Interesting. I use it exclusively when I’m using my iphone.

I use Tapatalk mostly too, though there are some aspects that I don’t like about it.

Welcome to the club!

I like Tapatalk, but one aspect that makes it virtually useless to me is that if someone’s post contains quoted text, it doesn’t show who the author of the quote was. You can see the text that was quoted, but have to manually search back in the thread to see who originally said it.

I’ve searched in vain for information on the Tapatalk forum, so I’m not sure if this is a limitation of Tapatalk on the iPhone, or something that needs to be enabled in the Tapatalk config file on the SMDB server. (I suspect it’s the former, as I don’t see quote authors’ names displayed on other Tapatalk-enabled forums either.)

Anyone have an idea?

What’s the advantage to using Tapatalk? I just type using the normal keyboard and find myself doing fine.

Tapatalk is not a keyboard, but a mobile device native Vb viewer. You don’t have to zoom to see threads and the overall organization is optimized for a mobile device. It’s not perfect, but most of the the time I find it easier to navigate and read than the boards through safari.

OK. Thanks. The forums appear just fine to me on my iPhone. I don’t have any more trouble viewing them than I do on my PC browser. And I’m used to zooming in and out just by giving a couple of quick taps. I guess it’s like what they say in the app information. “You didn’t know you needed it until you get it.” If it were free, I’d probably use it. But this is probably the only forum I visit that can use Tapatalk and I just don’t see myself paying $2.99 for it.

I’ve tried to figure this out as well. Seems to be a limitation of Tapatalk as near as I can tell. Makes playing Mafia on the phone tough. You can follow along, but hard to participate fully.

There is (or was) a free version of Tapatalk that let’s you read but not post. I tried it and didn’t like it at all. Regular old Safari is fine for me.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to figure out what the benefit is to Tapatalk – viewing on Safari looks just like it does on my desktop, and it looks fine to me. Everything is legible, and I’ve had exactly one misclick so far. I’m not seeing any need to spend the three bucks, unless there are some big, innovative features that I haven’t been told about.

I’m with you on that, Hal. A lot of people seem to like the format on Tapatalk better. Try out the free version and you’ll know within a few minutes if you’ll like it.

I just checked the app store and there doesn’t seem to be a free version of Tapatalk. Just the paid version.