Like [del]acid[/del] off a ducks back
Like [del]starving weasels[/del] off a ducks back
Like water off a ducks back

Test post. One two.

Thanks, Tuba!

Whoa! New code!

Ooh, this is a [del]great[/del] nice new feature!
I will so be using it to [del]piss off[/del] annoy some people :smiley:

You’re welcome. :smiley:

“new” being relative, of course…we’ve had this code for about [del]30 years[/del] a week now.

And yeah, we’ll be seeing pit threads on “how annoying the strikeout code is” in about [del]30 years[/del] a week.

Also a test

So, hm, just checking to see if you’ve got your real username back?

test post