Thanks- test over.

No it’s not.

Yes it is.

No it’s not.



NOOO!!! I’m not going to play.

Too late.

Did you know if you highlight the little blue square above your name and to the left, the forum software calls you old? That’s not very nice.

I’ve always wondered what the hell people are testing with these threads. I mean, it’s a forum. There aren’t too many experiments you can run.

Haven’t you ever wondered about the banana, the goat and the Siamese twins?

(If you want the real answer it is far more mundane).

That’s not what the banana said.

Bananas are known to be slippery.

Slippery when wet.

Did I pass?

<Black Knight>
</Black Knight>


They’re probably testing the same sort of things since no one ever explains what they were testing. Generally it’s to find out if you can use BB code in thread titles or someone who’s never made a poll before will make a test run in ATMB just to familiarize themselves and stuff like that.

True! False! 1812! C! 1492! F=MA!

One of those has GOT to be the answer.