[Frank Drebin]Nothing to see here[/Frank Drebin]

Worse Frank Drebin imitation ever.

That’s the worst Frank Drebin impression I’ve heard altogether.

Wrong movie.

Well, let’s say I was wrong about that.

**Makeup Test **

  1. Math: I am not going to tell you what it is but… if we know Jarvis has six and Steve has five (and even I have one), how many does Matt have?

  2. History: In the summer and fall of 1877, the mayor of Pittsburgh and the mayor of Philadelphia sent several letters to each other. Why?

  3. Geography: One of the longest rivers (over 3000 miles in length) in the world actually runs through the Gobi desert. Which one?

  4. Children’s Literature: Pa Bear, Ma Bear, and Baby Bear came home and found Goldilocks sleeping in their home. They chased her away. What kind of Bear is the daddy bear?

  5. Business Culture: How do hotel chains make excuses for not nice employees that work for them?

Bonus Question

*** Religious Studies **Which natural item is a common symbol of faith:

a. Rock
b. Leaf
c. Shell
d. Twig
e. Berry


Matt has four.

What is the pop music group Christie’s only U.S. hit?
Alex: Correct. You have control of the board.


No. This is not correct.

Amusing. But perhaps if more of us spent time studying and not watching TV, our overall test scores would be better.

No points for anyone. Recess is cancelled. This class can do better.

I’ll take “Horrid mutant creatures from Planet Bringdown” for one million, Alex.

If we do not pass the test of education, how can we pass the test of life. Double your homework going forward, whitetho.

Test fail. :mad:

None pass.


I couldn’t study because the dog ate my homework. Plus who could concentrate, what with all the emotional stress of recent events?

If your dog must eat your homework then learn instead the nutritional needs of your pet and
strive to make your homework as healthy as possible. The secrets inside the tests are not only the answers. Some secrets are with the students from whom knowledge makes an unholy flotilla of prevarications that sail through a sea of classtime without inspection.

Is this part of the test? Did you write these questions? What’s a tortoise?

It’s all part of the test. I wrote the tests based on About this Message Board. Those who have studied here must show proficiency in order to achieve a degree. SNF, do you really believe that your daily life precludes the test, the surprise pop quiz, the final exsm?