Testicular Yogi Master

In this Straight Dope classic, Cecil wrote:

Apparently, I have yet another useless super power. I can raise and lower my testicles at will! No yoga trance needed. (Of course, I can also raise/lower my blood pressure and speed/slow my pulse as well. Just have to think about them.)

That is all.

Dwight Schrute?

Is the change really noticeable or just something you can feel? I’d ask for a youtube video, but it’s a little too close to the meme of asking “cite” every time someone mentions her breasts.

Who’s Will?

Aw come on, somebody had to do it.

No, it’s quite obvious. You can watch them move. Well… I can at any rate. Its not as speedy a process as lifting an arm, say. Probably takes a full two to three seconds to change from one extreme to another. And I find it easier to do so when they are naturally decended. Like on a relaxing, warm day. I can get them to relax and drop some, when it’s cold and they are not inclined to do so, but its not as easy.

Fascinating. How did you discover you can do this? Have you always been able, or did you only try after reading Cecil’s article? I wish I had the nerve to do a Google search, but anything involving the words “cremasteric reflex” is probably going to need more brain bleach to get rid of than I can afford.

I’m gonna have to ask for a Youtube video. Not that I’m interested in seeing another guy’s hairy nuts, mind, just that this screams “A million hits.”