testing colours

[del]red text with black strikethrough[/del]

[del]red text with red strikethrough[/del]

[del][COLOR=Black]Black text with red strikethrough[/del][/COLOR]

[del][COLOR=Red]red text with blue strikethrough[/del][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue][del][COLOR=Red]red text with blue strikethrough, underlined in green[/del][/COLOR][/COLOR]


FWIW, I see a single color (black / red) on each line. Browser=IE6.0.

Well there’s strange!

here is what it looks like in Firefox

Must be something to do with the way IE interprets nested tags - the vB formatting tags are translated verbatim to HTML, so the last line of the post is:
<font color=“Green”><u>
<font color=“Blue”><del>
<font color=“Red”>red text with blue strikethrough, underlined in green</font>

(line breaks inserted here for clarity)

I’m pretty sure Firefox is rendering it the way it’s supposed to be done.

I’m also using Firefox and, like Puzzler, only see either all red or all black on a single line.

On preview:

Strange…it displays correctly on preview, but when I first opened the thread, it was all black or all red.

ETA: And after submitting the post, it’s back to all black or all red.

That’s even weirder. You’re not using IETab or something are you?

I’m using Firebird, and all the text displays with the colors matching the description.

IE on this machine displays it as Puzzler described - I thought for a moment it might be that the server is dishing up a different bit of code depending on the browser that’s asking for it - but no, it’s the same in either case (or at least that particular line is - it might be something else impacting on it).

I’m using Firefox, and I see it exactly as described and as show in the screen capture.

My IE 6.0.2900.2180.etc. shows all red and/or black. I’ll check my IE 7 tonight at home; we’re only IE 6 at work.

My Firefox shows all as described.

Under Safari 3.0.4 it looks the same as in your firefox Screenshot

Everything looks as it should on Opera 9.24. Hmm.

IE 7.0.5730.11 all red and black.

IE 6.0.2900.2180 shows all red and/or black today.

Yesterday I thought you were posting some sort of optical illusion :confused: