testing my sig

this is a test

this is also a sigtest


I have to say something you may not want to read.

I have to say something you may not want to read in gray.

Lack-of-sig test.

Achernar, I know you mean no harm, but please don’t ever use that “feature” in your posts. The reasons should be obvious.

The reasons are not obvious to me, but I will certainly do as requested. I was actually not intending to use it to hide content from people who didn’t want to see it, but rather to help with spacing, like this, except making the light stuff in fact invisible:

West North
West North East
west South

This is a test–this is only a test.

If this had been an actual post, you would have been provided with an opinion or observation that might occasionally have something to do with the topic being discussed.

We now return you to your message board topic already in progress